The younger generation: problems and hopes

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Young parents are often scared of the old sayingthat together with the children there is a growing number of problems. So the dads and moms try to curb the younger generation in advance, so that a terrible transition age does not cover all family well-being with an avalanche of misfortunes. However, everything is not so scary. At all times, young people were considered wrong, unreliable and disrespectful to their elders, even archaeological finds relating to antiquity testify to this. Consequently, we are not talking about a single case of suddenly spoiled youth, this is normal, so parents should learn from other people's mistakes, having rid themselves of negative thoughts and feelings.

the problem of the younger generation

Signs of Transitional Age

Predict the exact moment when thenotorious transitional age, is almost impossible. Therefore, many parents are not ready for such tests. It seems that yesterday the son was a nice boy, and today he is rude, inadequately reacts, and maybe even began to smoke secretly. However, approximately problems should be expected when the child enters adolescence. On average, this period is from twelve to fourteen years. In some cases, the younger generation shows early development, then the period of problematic age shifts. In some cases, on the contrary, the explosion is postponed to a later time.

If suddenly a child after ten years beginscapricious, weirdly react to the comments of adults, argue over trifles, then we can congratulate parents - this is an age of transition. If before mom and dad were the authority, now any of their opinions will be questioned, sharply criticized. Contradictory actions and judgments become the norm, and it is rather difficult to sustain this.

Why are teens so harmful?

Are children really doing it all to spiteparents? Psychologists say that in most cases this is not malicious intent. A teenager is obliged to try the world for strength, including the authority of parents, this is an integral part of growing up. In many respects, the rising generation of this stress is due to several factors.

It is during puberty thathormonal splash, teenagers all seem more vivid, sharp and important. The level of hormones so greatly affects the perception of the world that parents sometimes think that their dear child has been replaced.

Another serious factor affecting the levelHarmfulness of character - this is the uneven growth during puberty. Internal organs do not keep up with the rapid growth of the body, because of this an imbalance appears in the body, which also negatively affects the character.

growing generation

This incomprehensible rising generation

In either conflict, both sides are to blame, soadults are deeply wrong if they try to put all responsibility on adolescents. For a child who has experienced rapid growth, life is already quite difficult, and if parents join the army of "enemies", it can be very difficult to maintain self-control. The main problem of the younger generation is the inability to choose and evaluate allies. It is difficult to require that this should work well the first time.

The process of growing a person includes andperiod of learning the basic methods of communication. A teenager learns to communicate from the position of a full member of society, he expresses his own opinion, which can be stupid or wrong. This is an inevitable process that can be successful or frankly failed.

synonyms for the younger generation

How to establish relationships with a teenager?

There is no such adult in the world who would not behis time as a teenager. You can lie to yourself as much as you want and say that you did not act like that. Any person in the transition years had periods of rebellion or depression, self-doubt, hatred of the world. Everyone has this differently. Indeed, if we consider the synonyms of the word "younger generation" - it's teenagers, boys and girls. These are individual persons with their own character.

Before screaming at his offspring,entered into a difficult phase of growing up, try to remember yourself. You will not save your child from all bruises and cones, if you forbid everything, he will still find where to get his own experience. The task of parents is to support their child, to convince him that a mistake will not cost him parental love. Yorkshy and such a complex teenager is still an inexperienced person, a child, he needs support. Do not expect perfect decisions and actions from it, it will save you from disappointments.

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