Milk mixture "Nuppy": composition, manufacturer, reviews of pediatricians

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What is the best food for a newborn? The infant's diet should ideally consist of breast milk. No artificial mixture can surpass mother's milk in its composition and benefits.

But not always the situation allows to fully nourish the child. The reason may be the lack of milk in a young mother, then you have to select the milk formula.

In this article we will consider a mixture of "Nuppy", analyze its composition, evaluate the manufacturer and reviews of pediatricians.

Overview of standard mixtures

Often the use of artificial nutrition isexit from a situation where there is no mother's milk. Then parents are thinking about choosing the best suitable infant formula. Such a product is designed for feeding an infant aged 0-6 months and beyond.

Studying of standard starting mixtures intended for healthy children, will help to understand the expediency of using the "Nuppy" mixture.

Nuppies mixture

The main criterion for selection should be the availability of purchasing the mixture at the nearest pharmacy or grocery store. After all, sometimes there are unforeseen situations.

The mixture of "Nuppies" can be compared with domesticmixtures "Nutrilak", "Agusha", "Baby". Also in stores a wide range of imported products for babies is presented. If you live in a remote village, choose a mix that is available for purchase in your area. There is an opportunity to order a mix via the Internet, if this option suits you.

Choosing a quality and inexpensive product

Young parents quite often seek to find such a mixture for baby food, the price of which will be available. After all, they have so much to buy for a new little man.

The acquisition of the Nuppy infant formula will be an excellent choice for the healthy development and growth of the baby. They are widely distributed and loved by kids and their moms.

Analysis of mixture composition

It should be noted that whatever happensbaby food, including a mixture of "Nuppy", it can not be called a product consisting only of natural ingredients. As a rule, for the preparation of such food, raw materials in the form of cow's milk or dry whey are used. Complex chemical processes contribute to the adaptation of such a mixture, bringing it closer to the quality of women's milk. Manufacturers take care of creating the most useful product for the younger generation.

mix of nuppies reviews

Maximum similarity with breast milk

Depending on the composition of proteins, which are very important for this product, you can characterize the products from the manufacturer "Nuppy".

The Union of Pediatricians informs that women's milkcontains from 0.8 to 1.2 g of protein when calculating every 100 g of milk. Opinions on the exact amount of this component in the mixture are ambiguous. According to some statements, the artificial product should contain more protein than the natural milk of the mother.

Manufacturers of children's mixture "Nuppies" take care ofthe maximum approximation of the composition of the product to the composition of breast milk. For these mixtures, the content of 1.4 g of protein is characteristic. According to the Union of Pediatricians, this is the best option for a child's health. The manufacturer produces several product variants with different contents of the protein component.

Value of proportions

It is important to take into account the ratio in the composition of thea mixture of whey proteins and casein. Female milk has proportions from 80:20 to 60:40. These indicators are important for their compliance in the diet of the child in the first half of life. Starting mixes of 0-6 months must meet these requirements. For cow and goat milk, the negative sequence ratio is 20 to 80.

In children's mixtures "Nuppy" is present not onlypowdered milk. Adding whey helps in changing the ratio. When the optimum ratio of protein is reached, this mixture is called serum. If serum is not used in the mixture, it will be called casein.

Presence of taurine

Reviews about the mixture "Nuppy" indicate the availabilityin the composition of the product required for infants of the amino acid taurine. It is responsible for the successful functioning of the body, strengthens the nervous system, eyesight, helps absorb and metabolize fats. Taurine should be 4 to 5 mg per 100 ml. When choosing a formula for artificial feeding, it is important to take these factors into account. After all, every mother worries first of all the benefit for her child.

baby food prices

Let's analyze the composition of fats

Many parents are concerned about thethe content of palm oil in the baby food, which is considered harmful to the child's body. His influence on the processes of mineralization occurring in the bones, is proved by scientists. A similar effect is observed when using rapeseed oil. Although it should be noted that palm and rapeseed oil has been officially approved for use in the composition of infant formula. All nutrition institutes claim that these components are sources of such useful substances as polyunsaturated fatty acids. For this reason, palm and rapeseed oil is in the composition of children's mixtures "Nuppy".

Presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids alsoimportant for a growing body. Milk mixture "Nuppy" contains such components in sufficient quantities. Linoleic and linolenic acids in the mixture should be a proportion of 7 to 1. If linoleic acid is added in larger amounts, it will be unfavorable for the heart, blood vessels, immune and nervous system.

To successfully develop the nervous system andretina, it is important to ensure that the infant's diet contains sufficient amounts of such fatty acids as arachidonic and docosahexaenoic. Their ratio should be 1 to 1 or 2 to 1.

Nuppy mixture

We study the carbohydrate composition

The main carbohydrate in the composition of all mixtures is lactose. Its addition is necessary, since cow's milk contains much less of this component than the female one.

Depending on the carbohydrate content of the mixture, "Nuppies" are divided into those in which there is or is no starch. Also, the presence of maltodextrin, which is the product of its cleavage, is important.

The use of these substances increasesviscosity of the mixture. For this reason, the product moves much slower in the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to an increase in the intervals between feedings. However, it is known that starch promotes the work of the intestine, it protects the baby from constipation. The content of prebiotics contributes to the softness of the stool. The manufacturer of "Nuppies" also has mixtures containing prebiotics.

Nuppie milk mixture

Characteristics of mineral composition

Baby food, the prices for which differ independing on the manufacturer and the composition, must have a sufficient number of minerals. It is important to observe the proportional content of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

The composition of the mixture "Nuppy" fully meets the listed requirements. This product is used for feeding infants up to 1 year.

The presence of a rich complex of useful substances ensures the full development of the child of the first year of life.

nuppi mixture

Advantages of the Nuppies formula

Nuppi contains vitamins and minerals,matched in the right ratio. Serum proteins and casein in the composition of this mixture are added in the proportion of 50 to 50. Such indicators maximally approximate the composition of nutrition to the composition of mother's milk, ensuring the rapid adaptation of the baby of the first year of life to a new product.

The presence of lutein, prebiotics, nucleotides ensures the harmonious development of the child's organism, strengthens the immunity of the baby.

The manufacturer took care of the additives of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances choline, inosine, taurine, L-carnitine. They ensure the correct growth and formation of a healthy body.

Overview of reviews of baby food

When choosing a formula for artificial feedingmany mothers are guided by the advice of experienced friends and acquaintances. Reviews of the mixture "Nuppies" from mothers, who have already raised two children, carry information about the success of using such a product when there is no possibility to breast-feed. Also, some parents use the mixture in addition to breast milk if the child receives it in insufficient quantities.

The favorable effect of the Nuppi mixture on the baby's stool has been noted. Due to the presence of prebiotics, the child does not suffer from constipation, his digestive system works without failures.

dry adapted milk formula


Dry adapted formula is usedpopularity among parents. The study of feedback on its use in the majority is represented by positive characteristics. Some reviews about the appearance of allergic reactions are not regular and can be caused by other errors in the child's nutrition.

The product "Nuppy" has in its composition usefulcomponents that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the baby's systems and organs. The mixture is available for purchase in stores and pharmacies. Manufacturers have taken care of the maximum approximation of the composition of the product to the quality of breast milk.

Consequently, this artificial food canTo buy for a baby, as it is recommended by experienced moms. The manufacturer took care of a harmonious combination of useful microelements and vitamins for each baby.

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