Why does the cat drool, and what to do if the owner noticed this

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Salivation is a normal functiondigestive system of animals, it is necessary for digestion of food. Usually, the owner does not notice the increase in saliva from the cat, occurring before and during meals.

the cat is drooling
It becomes visible during the nervousexcitation or if the room where the animal is located is too humid or hot. This is all for cats is normal, and there is usually nothing to worry about. Also, salivation can increase when traveling in a car, eating certain foods, taking medications. All these episodes take place immediately, as soon as the annoying factor ceases to function.

However, if the cat is drooling in otherssituations, this indicates that salivation is increased due to pathological causes. This can be as a problem with the digestive system, as well as completely different diseases. Let us consider in more detail what are the reasons that the cat is drooling.

In diseases of the oral cavity, this happens veryoften. Salivation leads to trauma, inflammation, swelling of the oral cavity, including pathologies of the salivary glands themselves, dental diseases. Gastritis and liver disease sometimes cause the cat to drool from the mouth. When foreign bodies enter the pharynx and esophagus the cat has difficulties with swallowing, including saliva. As a result, it stands out.

the cat is drooling from the mouth
The cat also drooling with diseases,accompanied by vomiting and nausea: these can be infections, poisoning with household chemicals, sour food, poisonous plants and other toxins. Sometimes cats lick off the wool applied to her medicines for external use, including sprays from ticks and fleas. Drugs can cause salivation both because of direct irritation of the oral mucosa, and as a result of the general toxic effect.

Finally, a serious disease in whichthe cat is drooling, is rabies. Moreover, it is deadly and can be transmitted to a person. The pet will also have other symptoms: aggression, changes in habitual behavior, water and photophobia, appetite disorders, convulsions, coordination disorders.

Usually, in diseases other than excessiveseparation of saliva, there are other symptoms - together they form a clinical picture of the disease. If drooling continues for more than half an hour, it is better to contact the veterinarian to diagnose the pathology and help the animal.

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The doctor will make tests for viral infections and other diagnostic tests, assess liver function according to biochemical blood parameters.

Begin therapy with getting rid of the underlying cause, which caused an increase in salivation, after which this phenomenon passes.

With some problems, you can try to helpcat alone. If a foreign body in the pharynx is stuck and it is visible when you open the mouth, you can try to extract it with your hands or tweezers. After it is necessary to treat the oral cavity with a disinfectant solution (for example, potassium permanganate). In those cases when the pet has minor damage to the oral mucosa, it can be lubricated with Lugol's solution.

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