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It is unlikely that someday we will stop spilling ona carpet of coffee, wine or tea, so we will always need a quick and effective stain remover. In order not to think about this, you can, of course, turn to special services that promise a 100% result. But not everyone is ready to use this service, so many prefer to act independently.

Vanish for carpets
Is there much today is on sale reallygood tools that can remove even hard spots from the surface of the carpet, for example from berries, ink or iodine? How often one has to hear complaints from acquaintances that no stain remover can cope with work.

This, unfortunately, happens, but notthen, when it comes to the "Vanish" tool for carpets - a popular substance that gives tremendous results in the struggle, even with old and unaffected dirt. The Russians learned about the wonderful properties of "Vanish" shampoo more than 10 years ago, but until now the famous stain remover does not know any serious competitors.

In order to get the desired result, you neednot just buy a cleaning agent for carpets, but still be able to apply it correctly. It directly depends on this, whether the stained carpet will appear before us in its original form.

Carpet cleaners
So, how to use the vanish stain remover for carpets? To do this, you need to prepare several items, except for the shampoo. This is a vacuum cleaner, a basin with water, a sponge or a brush, rubber gloves.

First, it is necessary to vacuum the carpet properly, so that when there is a wet treatment, there are no dust spills. If there is a possibility to knock it out on the street, then it is necessary to do it necessarily.

Now it is necessary to take means "Vanish" for carpets,pour a little into the basin and dilute with warm water in the proportion: 1 part of the substance and 9 parts of water. In order to measure the right amount, you can use a cap from the container with shampoo. Mix the resulting mixture as thoroughly as possible, since it is the foam that will be used in the work.

When there is a lot of foam, it is necessary to apply iton a dirty place or on the whole carpet, trying to moisten it as little as possible so that there are no stains. In the presence of old spots, a few minutes before the application of foam should be moistened with their prepared solution "Vanish" for carpets. You can clean it with a sponge or a brush, to whom it is convenient. Pen should be rubbed in circular motions.

Vanish for carpets
After the surface has been cleaned, the carpetmust dry. It is impossible to say exactly how long this will take. Everything depends on the degree of moisture of the carpet. To accelerate drying, you need to ventilate the room. At this time you can not walk on it. When the carpet dries, it should be vacuumed. This is done in order to remove the remains of shampoo, which after drying turns into crystals.

Shampoo "Vanish" for carpets can be used for cleaning products with a washing vacuum cleaner. On sale there is also a spray and powder "Vanish" for carpets.

Before using the tool, you should carefully read the instructions, so as not to spoil things for which it is not intended.

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