At what time can you determine the pregnancy: early diagnosis and examination methods

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At what time can you determine the pregnancy? What are the first signs of an "interesting" situation? How to behave when menstruation is delayed? These and other issues related to the onset of pregnancy are of interest to almost every woman. The main indicator is the delay in menstruation. If a woman has a stable menstrual cycle, then to determine the duration of pregnancy will not be difficult.

At what time can you determine the pregnancy
At some women in the very beginning of pregnancynipples swell, and they become painful on palpation. An increase in temperature in the anus (basal t °) indicates the onset of a possible pregnancy. A more accurate result is given by tests that are sold in pharmacies. Are you interested in how long it is possible to determine pregnancy using these methods? They are mainly used for early diagnosis (at home).

If all of the above methods givea positive result, and in addition there are a number of other complaints about the state of health, a specialist consultation is recommended. Symptoms of an "interesting" situation can be the first signs of toxicosis (nausea, vomiting, aversion to food or smells, etc.), as well as poor sleep, swelling, bloating, frequent urination or urges to it.

From what time can you determine the pregnancy,having addressed to the doctor-gynecologist? Confirm your suspicions an experienced physician can even with a visual examination, but the highest level of effectiveness is still a laboratory blood test. Analysis of hCG determines pregnancy before the onset of menstrual cycle delay. With the help of this method you can learn about the onset of pregnancy within two weeks from the moment of conception.

From what period can you determine the pregnancy
If you are interested in what term you canto determine pregnancy, using the method of US-diagnostics, then not earlier than three weeks from the moment of conception. It is most expedient to conduct ultrasound after five weeks of the estimated pregnancy period. Some doctors recommend that you undergo ultrasound with a transvaginal sensor, but this method can provoke a miscarriage, so do not use it more than once.

Ultrasound should not only be used fordetermination of the fact of pregnancy, and also for the detection of its location. If a fertilized egg develops not in the uterine cavity, then the diagnosis of an "ectopic pregnancy" is diagnosed, which is an indication for an operative intervention.

Determine the sex of the unborn child
In what time can you determinepregnancy, we sorted it out. With its proper location and normal development, a woman becomes registered in a medical institution where the monitoring of the course of pregnancy will continue until she enters the maternity ward. But this is not the end of women's issues. Of course, every future mother is interested in who will be born with her, and also when she can determine the sex of her future child. To date, there are a lot of so-called popular ways to solve this issue, but they have no basis. The most reliable method for establishing sex is the US study. At the beginning of the second trimester, you can already find out who will be born, but sometimes a future child hides his sex from curious parents. In this case, you have to wait, but this is not the main thing! What could be more important than a healthy baby? We think this question does not require an answer.

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