Morning toilet of the newborn

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Even before leaving for maternity hospital, it is necessary to arrangebaby corner. This is the place where the baby will sleep, where will be his crib, changing table and so on. The children's room should be well ventilated. It should be convenient to care for the baby, play with it. So, the baby was born and came home. The first moments of enthusiasm and universal joy passed, and ordinary everyday life came. What should the young mother do, what are her duties now?

morning toilet of a newborn

How to start caring for a child

It is undeniable that the main thing for a baby infor a long time there will be proper nutrition. But no one will argue that a clean skin without redness and itch for peace of mind is equally important. It can be said that the morning toilet of a newborn is in second place in importance. What kind of manipulations should be done daily?

First of all, mom should wash her hands well, after allthey can be very harmful to the baby microbes. The morning toilet of the newborn begins with washing. To do this, you need a cotton disc and warm boiled water. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can not use water from a tap. The skin of the baby is still very tender, and impurities, which are abundant in the water, can cause allergies. So, moistened in water with a swab wipe your face, eyes.

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Do not allow water to enter your ears.It will be unpleasant to the child, and the process can be spoiled. For each eye, you need to take a separate wadded disk, so that if there is an infection in one eye, do not put it in another. If you notice that the eyes are festering, then do not hesitate to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Do not bury any medication yourself. The eyes are a very sensitive and extremely important organ. Any wrong manipulation with them can have a sad outcome.

After washing the morning toilet of the newborncontinues cleaning the spout. For this, the wadded flagella roll down, and the nasal passages are carefully cleaned. If inside you have found crusts, they will have to be removed. For this, the flagella are wetted with petrolatum oil. Babies often get clogged with mucus. It is beyond his power to deal with this problem independently. You can suck off the mucus with a small rubber pear. It is included in the kit of the first aid kit.

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When the nozzle is finished, inspect the earsinks. Note whether there are redness behind the ears, cracks or wounds. Now carefully examine the body of the baby. Check all folds - there is no rash, sweating, redness. If a child sleeps in diapers, then diaper rash may appear. The area of ​​buttocks and genitals should be rinsed with boiled water. This is done in the same way as in the case of a face. Instead of a cotton disc, you can take a soft piece of cloth or gauze. If there are small rashes, lubricate them with a special baby cream. If the room is warm, then the baby will be useful to lie naked. His skin also needs fresh air. This morning the toilet of the newborn can be considered complete.

At this stage of life, the oral cavity is washed oryou can not clean it. Mucous is still very tender and any wounds can cause infection in the body. However, it is necessary to examine this area. When there are white spots on the tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks, urgently consult a doctor - these are the symptoms of a yeast infection, an extremely unpleasant disease.

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