Congratulations on Birthday in prose - a good alternative to poetry

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Picking up a birthday greeting, many givepreference for poetry, without thinking that not everyone loves poetry. At least as good, and sometimes even at times better words come up - beautiful congratulations on his birthday in prose. From the heart, written or spoken words, sometimes convey more than the best poems, and are more expensive, because they are intended for a particular person and sound exactly in his honor. Of course, not all people have the gift of eloquence and yet, if you sit and think, gather your thoughts, remember all the best about the originator of the celebration, add your warm attitude to it, then in the end, it will necessarily turn out to be absolutely unique and truly sincere and original birthday greetings in prose.

  • With a good and beautiful morning, my beloved! I congratulate you from all my fiery soul on the day of your birth! Let me remind you how wonderful you are, and give you another bouquet, completely consisting of compliments that you deserve! You are a brilliant beauty, and it is not a secret for anyone, since it is simply impossible to hide true beauty, and in combination with a sharp mind, sparkling humor, amazingly beautiful character. Let life along with you go luck, happiness and love, all your desires are fulfilled and, I hope, that henceforth our dreams will be common.

It is not at all necessary to be a professional to be able to convey your sincere words by writing congratulations on your birthday in prose, for example:

  • Dear friend! Congratulations on the most important day of your life - this day you were born. We know that you prepared for him, eagerly awaited his arrival, and now he came again. So let every day of your birth be memorable! Let the most secret desires come true and such wonderful moments occur that you will remember for a long time, and we, your friends, will remind you of them, if suddenly you start forgetting something in time. Once again we congratulate you on the holiday and wish you to think only of pleasant things, in which case you will not have time for unpleasant things at all.

Funny birthday greetings in proseincrease mood, load with optimism, allow you to create a relaxed atmosphere in any team, since jokes and laughter always bring together even not very familiar people. However, in this case, it is with all responsibility to approach the choice of jokes, so as not to put the birthday or the girl in an awkward position. Nice comic congratulations on his birthday in prose in a narrow circle of friends or girlfriends who have known a whole lot of years and know literally everything about each other. But in this case, first of all, the words must necessarily be good, not touching the dignity of the originator of the celebration. Funny dedications, moreover, decorated in a wall newspaper with milestones of the birthday celebrated in photographs, are surprisingly capable of raising the mood not only for the jubilee himself, but also for his guests. Such birthday greetings in prose or verse become a truly unique gift, which, believe me, will last for many years, and the person who received such an offering will appreciate it. Since it will be clear to him, and it is obvious that maximum efforts have been made and time was spent to make his main holiday memorable and happy, and this, in fact, is very expensive. After all, everyone knows for a long time that a gift is not so expensive as attention, in this case a birthday person gets it in abundance, which, undoubtedly, will bring him many pleasant sensations from the awareness that not only he himself was preparing for his birthday, but also his guests.

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