Anti-slip mats: features of choice

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Anti-slip mats are designed forensuring the safety of people when traveling on street staircases, in bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas. There are several varieties of such accessories. When choosing a rug, you should pay attention first of all to what material it is made of.

Coverings for streets

Safety of movement on stairs outsidebuildings are usually provided with accessories based on rubber and PVC. Both of these varieties are very good anti-slip mats. You can put any of them on the porch. PVC pads, usually called "grass", have a more aesthetic appearance and are more expensive. Rubber mats are not so beautiful, but are considered more simple to care for and practical. The price for them is usually not too high.

anti-slip mats

Anti-slip floor mats are oftenporches of residential country houses and cottages. If desired, you can choose an accessory of any color that fits perfectly into the exterior of buildings. Mats "grass" can be designed to cover the entire area of ​​the porch. Also, small thick accessories of this kind are produced. They are usually laid directly next to the door from the side of the street or the hallway. These mats can be laid either freely, or with additional fastening to the porch of the adhesive tape on the back.

Rubber anti-slip mat more oftenIt is used to ensure the safety of visitors to shops and office workers, since it has a higher degree of durability. Accessories of this type are often black, gray or brown. There are varieties of such coatings, fastened to the steps by means of aluminum strips.

Also modern industry are producedcompact rubber mats. They differ more attractive appearance, but at the same time they are more expensive. Rubber anti-slip mat, laid at the door, performs and another important function - it serves to clean shoes of dirt.

rubber anti-slip mat

Coatings for baths and pools

Used in damp areas, rugs canmade of both natural and artificial materials. Their main distinguishing feature is the presence of a strong substrate. Mats in the bathroom anti-slip can be made of:

  • acrylic;

  • rubber;

  • PVC;

  • cotton.

Products made of all these materials,are characterized by good performance characteristics. Basically, for the bathroom you can choose any such accessory. In this case, the attention during the purchase is drawn mainly to the design of the rug, which should be in harmony with the design of the room itself.

mats in the bathroom anti-slip

Acrylic Coatings

The main advantage of rugs of this typeis absolute ecological purity. The air temperature in the bathroom is often elevated. Accessory made of acrylic, when heated in any case will not emit any harmful substances.

In addition, this synthetic materialis considered very hygienic. All the dirt from the rugs made from it is removed very simply. In the manufacture of acrylic accessories, manufacturers, among other things, use a special processing technology. As a result, the mat becomes very soft and pleasant to the touch.

PVC and rubber

As well as street, rubber anti-slipbath mats are very inexpensive. Their main advantage is a long service life. However, PVC coatings look aesthetically pleasing, and therefore enjoy greater popularity. Manufacturers use flavors for the production of PVC mats. Therefore, when heated, these accessories do not emit unpleasant odors. Also, the material of PVC floor mats contains special substances that prevent the development of fungi at high humidity.

anti-slip mats on the porch

Cotton mats

Accessories of this variety, of course,look more beautiful and more solid than synthetic ones. Cotton mat is glued to the rubber substrate, and therefore can also be considered anti-slip. Attack on such an accessory, leaving the bath, very nice. However, such a rug is rather complicated in care, since it needs to be dried periodically. If you do not do this, the cotton cover will not last long. Most often, accessories from natural material are bought for children. The skin on the baby's legs is very gentle. And so contact with a rough surface can make him feel uncomfortable.

When choosing a cotton mat, in addition to everythingother things, it is worth paying attention to the length of his pile. Of course, magnificent anti-slip mats look really nice. However, it is much more difficult to care for them than for accessories with short nap.

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