How many months can I give a banana to a child?

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Beginning to introduce complementary foods, many momspuzzled by the question of how many months you can give a banana to a crumb. It is loved by almost all children, because it has a sweet taste and a gentle consistency. In addition, it contains a huge amount of vitamins and elements necessary for the development and construction of systems of a growing organism. But the parents of this fruit causes some fears because of their exotic origin, so they are so worried about how many months you can banana baby.

Before answering this question, let'sremember that useful and necessary for a person is in a banana. This fruit with a yellow skin contains sucrose, which affects its high caloric value. Therefore, a banana is a product for snacking during periods of increased mental or physical exertion.

how many months can you give a banana
As for crumbs, it is convenient to give a banana, tofor example, on the road or on a walk, when the baby is hungry. Also in it is the high content of vitamin B, which takes part in the formation and functioning of the nervous system of the baby. The next useful vitamin for the child's body is C, which is slightly less in a banana than in citrus fruits. It is necessary for the formation and maintenance of immunity. Potassium, fluoride, iron, magnesium and sodium are necessary for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system, bone and muscle tissue.
how many months can a banana
Starch in the bananabreaks down to glucose, which acts as a source of energy necessary for life. As in other fruits and vegetables, the banana contains fiber, which is responsible for the normal operation of the intestine and the maintenance of the necessary microflora in it. In addition, the banana is considered a hypoallergenic product, and its moderate use is not associated with disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

How many months can I give a banana

Despite the useful properties of the banana,many parents are in no hurry to introduce it into the lure. Most of them start doing this after a year, when the digestive system of crumbs is already more stable and can process different foods. In addition, the fact that the banana does not grow in our latitudes is also a concern, which means that it is foreign to our digestive tract. When moms and dads think about how many months to give a banana, they first need to consult a pediatrician.

with how many months to give a banana
Doctors recommend a normally developingbaby banana injected from 6-8 months. Begin with a half teaspoon mashed banana puree, gradually increasing the dose, if the baby will take this product well. To pay attention it is necessary on a chair of the child, whether there were at it or him an allergic rashes, gases, colic, etc. Despite the fact that bananas are hypoallergenic, they can, like any other product, cause the body's reaction due to its individual characteristics.

From how many months you can give a banana, if youDo you want to provide a variety of food and nutrition? The decision remains for the parents, but this can be safely done after a six-month age. If there is any doubt in the way of processing bananas (there is a version that they ripen in our special gas chambers), then it is better to buy ready-made baby purees in jars. It is necessary to consult with doctors on the topic of how many months you can give a banana to a child. After all, they, like parents, are responsible for their recommendations.

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