How to make a massage mat for children with their own hands?

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Massage mat - a universal tool forprevention of flat feet and general footstep exposure at home. The principle of this product is to stimulate the active points of the feet due to its heterogeneous surface. Today there are a lot of variants of execution of such mats with acupuncture effect. However, you can not buy a finished product, and make a massage mat for children with their own hands. It should be noted that this very fascinating activity will allow you not only to realize your creative ideas, but also help to recycle the remains of unnecessary things in everyday life. After all, you can make a rug from everything that is at your fingertips.

massage mat with your hands

Create a massage mat for children with your own hands from the buttons

To build such a funny little piece, youYou will need pieces of cloth of various sizes, textures and densities, different cereals (they will be used as fillers) and old off-color buttons. Such a children's massage mat consists of four parts. Each of them is different in structure and content and can be used independently. Between each other all the parts are fastened with the help of the usual "Velcro". This is very convenient, since you can collect a sequence of layers in any order.

The first part - a canvas of dense, texturedcloth, which in any order sewn buttons. The second part should be sewn from soft fabric: velvet, plush, faux fur, etc. The third one is made of dense fabric with a natural uneven surface: burlap, flannel, natural flax, etc. The last part consists of pads filled with various groats: buckwheat, beans, peas, etc.

children's massage mat

Walking barefoot on such an unusual rug will give your baby's legs a wonderful massage, as the contrast of the surfaces of different parts of the product activates all the points on the feet.

We make a massage mat for children with our own hands made of stones

Very interesting looks in the bathroom is unusuala product made of sea pebbles or pebbles. In addition, this mat has a real SPA effect, because it is made of natural materials. To do this, the rubber base should be glued in a random order, stones or pebbles. It is important that all elements do not have chipped or rough sharp angles and there are no gaps between them.

children's massage mat

Massage mat from the lids

You can make an interesting and unusual product fromconventional caps from plastic bottles. Such a useful and original mat can bring a lot of benefit and decorate the room. To make a massage mat for children with your own hands, you will need a thick fabric for the base and several dozen colored caps. With the help of a fishing line or a tight thread, the plastic elements are sewn onto the base. To fasten the process faster, it is better to pre-make holes in the lids using an awl or drill. The sequence of attachment depends only on your preferences: you can place the elements in a chaotic order, and you can lay out any geometric pattern.

massage mat for children with their own hands

If desired, you can also build a cutemat with the effect of massage from tissue balls - purchased or made by yourself. Such a product differs not only in its original appearance, but also in its warm surface.

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