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For every mother it is very important that her babygrew in comfort and in complete safety. During daily walks in the fresh air, which are simply necessary for a small child, it is provided by the stroller. When you buy it, you need to know a few requirements. I propose to consider such an option as a stroller-stick "Mishutka." This option is intended for children aged 6 months and up to 2 years.

stroller cane Mishutka
Weight, which will withstand this "transport" - 18 kg. Now I propose to consider in detail all the characteristics of such a product as the stroller "Mishutka" SL 106.

First we learn all about the wheels of this model. They are doubled, which increases the permeability of the stroller. On the rear wheels there is an amortization system, thanks to which even on bumpy roads the baby will not feel strong shaking. They also have a brake on them. The front wheels can rotate, this improves the maneuverability of this model. But also you have the opportunity to fix them exclusively in a straight position.

Stroller "Mishutka", reviews about which onlypositive, has the ability to throw a handle that has a rubberized lining. This function allows you to change the position of the crumb, that is, the baby can sit facing the mother or in the direction of motion. You can adjust the inclination of the backrest and unfold it to 170 degrees. It is firm, which has a beneficial effect on the child's spine.

stroller walking stick
Also, you can adjust the slope of the footrest thatallows you to slightly increase the space for sleep. Safety in the wheelchair provides a bumper and three-point belts. They fix the baby well, but do not hamper its movements.

The stroller "Mishutka" has a softa head restraint that can be easily removed, and a soft enough seat to allow the child to sit comfortably in the stroller. The large hood can be adjusted in height, it covers the baby well (drops to the bumper) from strong wind and direct sunlight. It is also indispensable during the sudden start of the rain. It has two mesh windows so you can look at the child for a walk. Behind is a roomy pocket for the most necessary things. Below the seat is a basket for shopping or for things that you need for walks. Also there is a very comfortable strap for carrying the stroller. All this makes it an indispensable option.

stroller walking stick

The stroller "Mishutka" weighs very little, only4,5 kg. And all this is due to the light alloy of aluminum. Due to this, any mom can independently lift the stroller to a high floor without an elevator. When folded, it is very compact, so it easily fits in the bus and in the car. At home it will also be quite easy to place.

The stroller is presented in beautiful and very brightcolors. You have the opportunity to choose the one that you like. Such a stroller will become your first and very favorite vehicle for your baby. In it, he will be very comfortable to be, and most importantly, he will be completely safe. This wheelchair will appeal to both the child and his parents.

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