Tips for owners: how to pull a tick from a dog

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Despite the fact that most people in the citycontains dogs in the apartments, the animals have a pretty big chance to pick up the tick. Scary is not the fact that the mite bites the animal, but the fact that the owners do not know how to pull the tick from the dog and what to do after that.

How to safely remove the tick. Method number 1

If you find a parasite in your pet, thenit needs to be pulled out immediately. To do this, you will need vegetable oil, an ordinary ring, cotton wool, tweezers and a pipette. Disassemble the coat around the insect and place the ring on the dog's body so that the parasite is inside the circle. Then pipet drip the vegetable oil directly onto the mite. After a few minutes, try to pull out the insect with tweezers. Rotate tweezers counter-clockwise, but do not pull the mite violently. If his head remains inside the dog, then it is fraught with bad consequences. In this case, it is better to drop the oil on the mite and repeat the procedure. After removal, wipe the wound with alcohol.

Method number 2

If you do not know how to remove a tick from a dogsafely, then this way is for you. Take the needle and heat it on the plate (keep the needle with pliers or other improvised object so as not to get burned), then stick the needle into the body of the mite. Be careful not to burn the dog. Hold the needle for a while in the insect, then remove the tick as in the previous method.

Method number 3

This method, which suggests how to pull the tick offdog, like the first. Again, drop the oil on the parasite and wait a few minutes. After that, take the thread, tie it with a tick and slowly pull up.

In any case, after removing the tick, make sure that the parasite is removed completely, and it is also necessary to properly treat the bite site so that the dog does not carry an infection.

Basic and necessary rules during tick removal

Little to know how to pull a tick from a dog, you need to know what other precautions to take.

  1. The insect must be removed as soon as it is found.
  2. Be sure to wear gloves before removing the tick from the dog. Do not touch the insect with your bare hands.
  3. After removing the tick, it must be killed. Otherwise, the parasite can bite a dog or a person.
  4. During removal of the parasite, it is impossible to squeeze it to avoid infection of the dog with any diseases.
  5. After removal, be sure to check whether the head of the tick remains, and then treat the site of the bite.

Precautions and Prevention

To the animal did not pick up the parasite, and there were no questions how to pull the tick from the dog, you need to prepare for this in advance.

First, at the beginning of spring, buy a dog collar, protecting it from ticks. Additionally, you can drip on the withers pet special tool.

Secondly, inspect the animal after eachwalks. The most common places where mites can be are ears, neck, head and legs. But this does not mean that ticks can not be on other parts of the body. Remember, the longer the tick will be on the dog's body, the greater the chance of infection of your pet with any infection. The smaller the parasite is on the animal, the easier it is to remove it.

Third, in the peak of the spread of such ticks, try to avoid walking in forests, in tall grass, etc.

What to do after withdrawal of the tick

If you are not sure of your abilities and do not know how to get a tick from a dog, contact the nearest veterinary clinic. There, the animal will be provided with the necessary assistance.

If you have removed the parasite yourself andworry about your pet, you can contact the veterinarian to check the animal for infection. It is best to do this immediately after the removal of the insect, and carry to the vet you need and tick. In the laboratory, check the insect, and if it is an infection carrier, inspect the dog.

If the bite of the tick was avoided,worry and do not be nervous. Gather and calmly remove the insect. If necessary, contact a professional. The main thing is to take the necessary measures in time and your dog will feel fine.

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