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decorative cage for birds

When the house has all the necessary furniture, textiles, lighting, but the comfort is still not felt, it is worth
take care to put all things together in auniform interior. This can help the resonating motives on the surfaces, the harmony of color combinations. There are such details that can make the image of the room creative, but with mismanagement will bring the whole result to nothing. These elements include a decorative bird cage, which will not serve as a place for capturing a small bird, but will create a feeling of comfort and completeness of design at home. This element of the interior fits well in various styles: modern, provence, classic, country. Despite the fact that forged cage can cause association with bondage, with the help of jewelry its image can be made romantic, special, touching.

Different possibilities of using cells in the interior

Today the popularity of vintage, especially forged,products around the world is increasing. Decorative cage for birds has become a hunt for collectors and lovers of exclusive interiors. But the new model can be artificially aged with the help of special designer paints: add a patina, cover with gold leaf, paint with a "cracking" coating "craquelure". Especially elegant will look a bird cage with an unusual forged ornament on the lattice.

Variants of use of such decor in the interior:

  1. cages for birds
    Green cage in the form of flowerpots. In it are placed pots with climbing plants, which fill the green spaces of the lattice. You can choose low-growth hanging plants for filling. Then such an element will need to be suspended under the ceiling or installed on a separate cabinet.

  2. Cage for a bird in the form of a candlestick. Adding an illumination element to the bird's house space, you can achieve an unusual and romantic play of shadows. Replacing the chandelier with an original cage in the kitchen in the country style, you will definitely surprise your guests.

    cage for bird

  3. Thematic accessories. For decoration, you can use any elements. Thus they make thematic accessories in the marine, forest, floral, New Year's style or in any other.

  4. Cage for a bird with figurines inside. It will be especially interesting if you place puppet, plush, paper birds in a cage on a perch. In the nursery, a large soft toy looking out of the cage door will look cute.

  5. Solemn elements of decor. On the wedding table, white cells for birds, large or small, will look harmonious. They should be decorated with ribbons, fresh flowers, perhaps fruits and berries.

As it becomes clear from this article,decorative cells can become a visible, effective part of the interior of your home. You can decorate them yourself or buy a design thing with a thoughtful composition. Let the decorative cells be a symbol of beauty and grace, and the birds will remain free, to which they rejoice. Decorate your house with unique things for cosiness and harmony!

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