Stroller "Geobi" walking (model S780)

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Strollers are intended for children who already can sit, that is, from six to seven months old and up to three years old.

These strollers are quite light,compactness and maneuverability. They are conveniently folded with one hand and provide the necessary comfort for both the baby and his mother. If you want to buy a universal demi-season "transport" for your child - we recommend to stop your choice on the model C780 (stroller "Geobi" walking). It has a number of undeniable advantages and you will definitely have to like it.

Baby stroller "Geobi". Model for all seasons - С780

The C780 can be used activelyboth in winter and in summer. Due to the fact that it is equipped with large inflatable wheels, its patency and stability increase. A quality system of depreciation guarantees a soft, smooth move. The front wheels of this "walk" are rotary, which allows to increase the maneuverability of the model (if desired, they are fixed in the forward direction).

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The stroller "Geobi" walking easily overcomesany irregularities in the road - pits and hummock, as well as it passes well through snowdrifts. Even the curbs are not a hindrance to this model! These advantages of the product allow you to minimize the effort to manage the stroller - you do not have to lift it and drag it through the obstacle. The model C780 folds easily and effortlessly, by pressing the button (folding mechanism - the book). When folded, the stroller does not take up much space and does not overturn. Another indisputable advantage is that this "walk" has carefully thought out dimensions - it easily fits into ordinary elevators, passes into doorways and calls almost on all ramps. The stroller "Geobi" S780 has a wide, spacious child seat (33 * 71 cm). That is, your baby, dressed in a winter overall or a fur envelope, will be comfortable and comfortable on it. The backrest has three positions, the footrest is adjustable. The stroller is equipped with five-point seat belts, which increases the level of its reliability. The C780 model in terms of child safety meets European standards. The manufacturer declares that this stroller can be used for children from the age of five months. But if you wish, you can separately purchase a cradle for a newborn and roll your baby in this "walk" from birth.

Carriages "Geobi" walking. The prices for model С780

stroller geobes walking prices
This "walk" is thought through to the smallest detail:it has a special stand for a glass / bottle, a warm cover on the legs, designed for winter weather, a small handbag for storing small items (phone, keys, etc.). Advantage of the stroller is a convenient and large basket for the purchases and things of the child. The handle of the model is adjustable, ensuring convenient use of the product by parents of any growth. The model C780 includes a raincoat, a muff for the mother, a pump for pneumatic wheels and a mosquito net. The stroller "Geobi" is equipped with a visor to protect the baby from the sun, as well as a large removable hood from snow and rain. The model S780 is available in different colors - blue, red, green, beige. The weight of the geobiogram stroller is 14 kg. Prices for the model C780 can vary from 9 to 10 thousand rubles.

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