How to organize a child's birthday, in nature?

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Birthday of the child!Every baby is looking forward to this holiday, counting the days, anticipating something special and incredible. He hopes to see guests, a lot of attention, a mountain of gifts and a sense of fun. And as parents want to make their child the happiest on this day: to organize an original and memorable holiday, something to surprise the baby. Of course, it is quite possible to hold a celebration at home, only now, will this be something new, joyful and memorable for the child? Most likely, he will not remember the next year, how he spent this holiday. And if you arrange a child's birthday in nature?

This is, of course, more troublesome.The most important thing is to choose the venue. To do this, you can use the services of companies engaged in renting holiday homes for holidays and renting a house or cottage. The place should not be far from the city, because the guests will have to get there, but it would be better if he was away from the roads. You can rent a plot of land, just adapted specifically for the celebrations. It is much easier to choose a place for celebration with the help of organizers specializing in celebrations, including the birthdays of kids. The main requirement for the site is a large area, because children will frolic on it.

So, the place is chosen.Now you need to equip it. It is necessary to install a hinged awning or tent in case of the vagaries of nature, there to place musical equipment and leave the place of guests. In accordance with the theme of the holiday, the venue should be bright, decorated with balls. You can create original and funny posters for the birthday of the child with photos of the originator of the celebration.

The site itself should beattractions for babies, mobile swings, labyrinths. Children will be just delighted with an inflatable trampoline or swimming pool, where you can have fun splashing around. It is worthwhile to take care of toys in advance, which must correspond to the age of guests invited to the holiday.

The most important thing is entertainment.Here you can not do without the help of special agencies offering their services for children's holidays. At the event, a presenter is invited, who will act as an animator. He will not allow guests to be bored, will cheer not only children, but also their parents. The presenter sets the pace of the celebration, develops a special scenario, holds contests and quizzes for birthday, for children.

If there is an opportunity, it is worth inviting tocelebration of artists. All children just adore clowns. A cheerful character will cheer up the mood with kind jokes, will show interesting even to adults, tricks. Cheer and entertainers, disguised in the characters of your favorite cartoon characters, and the trainers with their clever pets.

Another important aspect of the organization of the celebration -menu. For adults, you can cook grilled meat or shish kebab. For children - it is necessary to take care of drinks and originally decorated dishes. It is much more interesting to eat salads in the form of sun, animals or machines. And, of course, the cake is beautiful, big, original! You can even decorate it with an edible figurine depicting the birthday boy.
The platform for the feast should be sheltered from the rain or sun by a tent or installed in a tent.

Since the child's birthday implies a lotinvited children, we must not forget about security measures. For babies it is necessary to look after. If this is possible, then the playground for the celebration should be enclosed by a fence, all wires from equipment and lighting are securely hidden or fixed at a height inaccessible to the child.

A holiday on nature will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions to the birthday person and his parents!

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