How to treat a runny nose in a newborn baby?

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Coryza - a fairly common phenomenon,which can be affected by children of any age, including very small children. However, not all parents know how to treat a cold in a newborn. But get rid of such trouble as soon as possible, because a prolonged runny nose can lead to chronic diseases of the nasal mucosa. In addition, because of the mucus accumulated in the nasal passages, the baby can hardly breathe. Babies who are breastfed can not eat fully, because they have to breathe through the mouth. Because of this, the child has irritability, he often cries for a long time, his sleep becomes restless and, most importantly, the baby badly recruits or even loses weight. Before answering the question of how to treat a cold in a newborn, it is necessary to establish the reasons for its appearance.

how to treat a runny nose in a newborn

Causes of a cold

In children up to two months, the presence of excretanose does not always indicate any disease. During this period, there may be a so-called physiological runny nose. At this age, the nasopharyngeal mucosa can not yet fully perform its functions, therefore, mucus can be released in a small amount.

Of course, in most cases, the common cold appears due to a cold, a viral infection or a flu. This always causes swelling of the mucosa, and the baby becomes difficult to breathe.

Allergens, such as animal hair, dust, pollen, can also cause a newborn child to have a runny nose. Therefore, if possible, the baby should be protected from potentially dangerous objects.

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Coryza in the newborn how to treat

First of all it is necessary to create indoorsa certain microclimate. The air should be wet and cool, and the temperature should not exceed 22 ° C. By the way, such an atmosphere in the children's room should be constantly, and not only during the period of illness. This will help to prevent the slime from drying out in a small spout.

In addition, you should not only moisten the air inroom, but also the nasal mucosa. For this purpose, a simple saline solution is best: water and salt. Such a solution should be instilled in the baby's spout every 30 minutes (3-4 drops each).

Of course, the best option is to turn topediatrician. He will conduct an examination and give recommendations on how to treat a cold in a newborn. Also, to fix the problem, you can use certain medications specifically designed for children. However, you should not prescribe medication yourself, let the doctor do it.

Possible complications
a newborn child has a runny nose

Eliminate a runny nose in a newbornimmediately after the detection of symptoms. Not completely cured, it can give serious complications. The most dangerous of them is pneumonia. Also, if wrong or untimely treatment can develop sinusitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis.

Do not too hard and often wipenose to the kid. From this, there may appear sores on the tips of the spout, which will give the crumb painful sensations, which will only intensify his irritability.

Of course, any disease is much easierprevent than after a long time to treat. Therefore, strengthening the immunity of the baby should be the main task of parents. But, nevertheless, everyone should know how to treat a cold in a newborn.

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