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Talk about what kind of blanket for a newbornfits most, can be long. The fact is that when choosing this important subject, several factors should be carefully considered at once. We will try to describe all the nuances to help future parents make the right choice.

When choosing a blanket for a child,for what time of year will the period of its use be necessary. Of course, blankets come in handy, but more often than not you will use one. Winter blankets for newborns, of course, differ from summer or even demi-season. A warm plaid can be used in the fall. It is both light and warm, and it is not difficult to take it with you on the road or on a walk: the plaid can be folded compactly, it is not difficult to carry it with you. As for the summer period, then for sure many have repeatedly seen that sometimes the mother in the baby carriage is covered only with a light diaper or a soft terry towel. This blanket is enough to protect the child from wind or insects.

Looking closely at the many children's goods,Determine for yourself - for which specific purposes do you intend to purchase a blanket. If you want to choose a blanket for a newborn directly for an extract from the hospital, then the appearance, rather than the degree of its warmth, can become the decisive argument. It is clear that this is not very practical: it is not necessary to buy things that you will only use for fifteen minutes. However, many give children's things to friends and relatives, so that a nice blanket for a newborn will not disappear. Often for an extract from the hospital they buy a ready-made kit, which includes a warm envelope, and besides it - a few caps, raspashonok and diapers, which also will never be lost. By and large, the envelope can be used at home - as long as this device fits the baby in size.

If you want to look for a blanket for walking,then, of course, the decisive factor is the time of the year and the weather conditions in your region. As we said above, for walks in warm summer weather there will be something easy, and in winter - you need a reliable protection against frosts so that, while lying in a stroller, the baby was safely protected from the cold and not exposed to the danger of catching a cold. For winter, choose a blanket made of wool or fluff. It can also be used for laying on sleds or in a stroller from below. A warm blanket can be spread out on the cold floor for a child who can already sit and play on his own.

Another goal, which is mandatorya blanket for newborns is needed - this is to cover the baby in the crib at home. The degree of warmth of the blanket that you buy should be chosen based on the temperature in the room. However, you should remember that small children move around in their sleep and open themselves. Therefore, it is more expedient to warm the baby for the night and cover it not with a warm blanket, but with a light blanket.

Blankets for newborns from naturalcomponents - down and wool, are good in that they let in air and at the same time keep the heat. However, a significant drawback of such blankets is that they can quite cause allergy in children. In this blanket for newborns of natural materials, of course, inferior to sinteponovymi. Syntepon blanket is great for home use, and do not be scared that it is synthetic. This blanket is easy, and the baby will be comfortable under it.

Many people care about the size of the blanket.The blanket for the newborn usually corresponds to the standard sizes - 0,9х1,1 m. However, the baby can be covered with a large blanket. Specify which blankets, perhaps you already have, what size a baby cot, how large the area of ​​the stroller.

From a hygienic point of view, do not recommendUse an old baby blanket, which used to be used for a long time. The fact is that such a blanket could well "spoil" - it is not excluded that a fungus or mold has settled inside.

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