Cervix in pregnancy

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During pregnancy, a woman should be givenmaximum attention to one's health. To ensure the safety of the fetus, the doctor performs an examination and makes the necessary tests, including examining the cervix during pregnancy. But if, within three years before the conception, a smear was made and showed a good result, then there is no urgent need for reanalysis. If the results of the past smear have revealed pathologies, then a repetition of the procedure is required.

Cervix during pregnancy canto undergo changes, for example, often anomaly in the cells of the epithelium. Minor changes do not require additional treatment, it is just necessary to regularly do colposcopy. It is worth noting that this procedure is completely harmless to the fetus.

Nature laid that the cervix withpregnancy in later terms begins active preparation for childbirth. That is, it becomes softer and shorter due to the action of the female hormone estrogen. The attending physician examines the birth canal, after which he makes a conclusion about the maturity of the cervix and the degree of its readiness for childbirth. During pregnancy, the woman's body produces progesterone, a hormone responsible for the stability of the uterine tone and preventing miscarriage. In the last trimester, the level of this hormone decreases significantly, which gives a "green light" for the activity of estrogen.

If after examination it was revealed that the cervixwas not prepared for the generic process, then we can talk about its immaturity. In this case, doctors perform artificial preparation of the cervix for delivery, for example, by creating a special hormonal background through the introduction of preparations containing estrogen, intramuscularly. But clinics in Europe do not practice this method, but prefer to inject prostaglandin in the form of a solution intravenously or the cervix during pregnancy is treated with this drug in the form of a gel.

Very often the opening of the cervix withpregnancy is carried out due to the use of special sticks, created from seaweed, they are also called burzhi. Algae is injected into the cervical canal in a prone position, they absorb the mucus and swell. So naturally the cervix dilates. In addition, miraculous algae contribute to the release of prostaglandins due to the archidonic acid contained therein. If the procedure did not give the desired result from the first time, then after 24 hours you can re-prepare the cervix.

Immediately before birth, she mustopen, otherwise the birth process will not begin and will have to resort to Caesarean section. For normal labor, it is necessary that the cervix during pregnancy is about 10 centimeters open. But some women experience weak contractions, almost without feeling unpleasant sensations. This may indicate that the stimulation of contractions began in the lower part of the uterus, which means that the neck does not receive the proper impulse to open.

Most often, non-opening of the cervix occurswomen giving birth after 35 years. This is not surprising, because in the process of gestation and the birth of a child, all internal organs and vital systems are involved. With age, most women develop certain chronic diseases, and the activity of these systems becomes exposed to external factors and threats. As a rule, pregnant women with the threat of non-disclosure of the cervix or the presence of pathologies are placed on the retention in the hospital. This is done in order to be under the supervision of obstetricians from the very beginning of birth.

And most importantly, in no case should not be afraidchildbirth, because excessive feelings can instinctively stop the birth process and prevent the uterus from opening up, and so you will only harm yourself and the future baby.

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