Ploskovolgusnye feet at the child. Methods of treatment

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One of the most frequent orthopedic problems inchildren are flat-footed feet. At a child at an early age they have a flat surface, the so-called flat feet. And only then, as it develops, the soles get the usual shape with a deepening in the arch. However, children often have weakness in the ligamentous apparatus, which prevents the proper formation of the limbs. When a child begins to walk, the feet are warped by the weight of the body. Fingers and heels are turned outward, and the middle bends to the inside. As a result, the stops placed near the foot, when viewed from above, resemble the letter X. This is the flat-footed feet of the child.

flat-footed feet in the child

Is it scary?

If a similar defect is found in childrenparents react differently: someone panics, someone does not pay attention, considering it a temporary and insignificant aesthetic flaw. Both are wrong. Dramatize the situation is not necessary - with the right and timely treatment you can help the proper formation of the legs. Moreover, the seriousness of the problem should not be underestimated: if a flat foot is not treated, the child may develop a curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis and arthrosis, accompanied by frequent pain in the joints.

 foot massage with flat foot

When to start treatment

Symptoms of X-shaped feet are detectedearly enough when the children are just beginning to walk. First of all, parents should seek advice from an orthopedist and neurologist - these two specialists observe the child all the time. First of all, the doctor will recommend choosing orthopedic shoes with insteps, rigid sides and high back. Such a child must wear shoes for up to 4-5 years, until the shape of the sole comes back to normal.

flat-footed feet in children massage

Foot massage with flat-footed foot - one moremandatory recommendation. The procedures are performed in two to three courses for 10-20 sessions. It is not necessary to take the child to the clinic all this time. Parents can learn the technique of massage for several procedures, and in the future make them yourself. The main thing is not to stop halfway and be patient and persevering.

flat-footed feet in the child

What measures to take for parents

Ploskovolgusnye feet at the child requireconstant attention of adults in order to avoid further complications. And attention in everything - in shoes, in a timely medical examination, in the regulation of motor activity. So, it is undesirable to put the child on the legs ahead of time, months to seven or eight. After the first steps, each baby should have the right shoes with orthopedic insoles to prevent flat-footed feet in children. Massage is a great opportunity to prevent scoliosis and joint diseases. Indispensable prophylaxis against any leg diseases is a bicycle. Children are happy to ride, so do not try to persuade them. They also like to walk on a therapeutic rug with bulges - to massage the arches of the feet. It is extremely useful for children to walk along the river or sea pebbles, along the sand, along the grass. And, of course, special exercises: walking on the outer edges of the feet - "a bearded bear", lifting on socks - "potyagushhechki", grabbing some small objects from the floor with bare fingers and so on. That's right, in games and exercises, it is possible to cure ploskalgalgusnye feet in children, without forgetting to regularly go to the doctor.

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