The most creative ideas for a wedding: a holiday that you will remember forever

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What should be the perfect wedding? Bright.Colorful. Memorable. This is one of the main events in the life of every person! It so happened that we (and all over the world) celebrate a wedding, so to speak, "according to a standard template." And you did not think about how to diversify the celebration, hold it so that you and your half, and all the guests present at the wedding remembered your holiday for many years? Then use these creative ideas for a wedding - they will not leave anyone indifferent!

Wedding in Japanese style

ideas for a wedding
For example, you can organize a wedding in Japanesestyle. Traditional clothing The countries of the rising sun can be a good substitute for the usual dress and costume of the bride and groom. You can celebrate the wedding in a Japanese restaurant. Best if you also have the opportunity to order European dishes - not all guests can be ardent admirers of sushi, rolls (and some people do not like seafood at all). In the very celebration, you can include several interesting traditions. For example, according to the Japanese customs, the bride and groom should give each other wedding vows, after that having exchanged nine bowls with wine or sake and having drunk a drink.

Merry Carnival

Continue to come up with ideas for a wedding?Why not arrange a carnival holiday? And you, and your second half, and, naturally, all guests should come up with unusual, interesting costumes, images. The atmosphere of the holiday can be emphasized with the help of unusual elements of the interior, all kinds of competitions, jokes with disguises, etc.

interesting ideas for a wedding

Multi-colored wedding

We continue to develop the idea of ​​thematicholidays, after all, as a rule, such ideas for a wedding are a huge success. Another option that you can use is a theme party, the leitmotif of which will be some specific color. Which - you can choose yourself. The main thing is that it should be bright, rich and memorable. It is desirable that the main color is present in the images of the bride and groom (at least partially). The decoration of the hall, invitations and other small things should also be in the appropriate color scheme.

In fact, ideas for a wedding can be inventedinfinitely. The celebration in the gangster style, based on the plot of your favorite movie or book, a holiday in accordance with the traditions of ancient civilizations (Slavic, Egyptian, Roman or Greek) - the choice is yours. Do not limit yourself in fantasies, because a wedding happens once in a lifetime!

Ideas for a wedding in the summer

Funny little things

Continuing to talk about interesting ideas forwedding, I want to say a few words about the little things (because they are also important). Begin to surprise your guests from the very beginning: send out chocolate invitations instead of usual ones! After reading, they can be eaten. And you can abandon the standard wedding limousine and experiment on the theme of transport: coaches with horses and even bicycles - all this, definitely, will allocate you from the general mass. Or, for example, instead of the usual entertainment indulge in extreme. Skate? Scuba diving? You can easily find creative ideas for a wedding in the summer and even in winter.

This day is entirely yours, and you have the right to do what you like!

Do not wait for a miracle - chide yourself!

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