How to remove nail polish from clothes at home?

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Nail polish is found on the cosmetic tableany modern girl. Many women of fashion consider it altogether indecent to leave the house with unpainted nails. But how to be, if this cosmetic means accidentally stained a blouse or a skirt? We bring to your attention proven methods how to remove nail polish from clothes and home textiles.

Acetone and other solvents

How to remove nail polish from clothes
The most logical way to remove dried varnish fromthe tissue seems to be treating the stain with a special cosmetic remover that removes the nail polish. Attention: this option is suitable only for natural fabrics. The thing is that most solvents damage the structure of synthetic fibers. Accordingly, using them to remove contaminants from unnatural clothes, you will most likely completely ruin the thing. Apply the nail polish remover to the cotton pad and attach to the spot. At the first stage of cleaning it is important to remove contamination from the surface of the tissue. Repeat the procedure until the lacquer is completely peeled off. Separate impregnations of varnish and small sprays must be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in the chosen product. Instead of cosmetic liquid, you can use the universal solvent "White Spirit". How to remove nail polish from clothes with acetone? The treatment can be carried out in the same way as with the varnish remover. Alternatively, use a cotton swab to apply acetone directly onto the stain and leave until completely dry. After that, a tampon moistened with gasoline should be wiped off and immediately sprinkled with talc. After 30 minutes, the thing should be washed, adding to the usual powder dishwashing detergent.

How to remove nail polish from white clothes?

Tips on how to remove nail polish from clothes
Remove fresh stains from white tissue will helpethyl alcohol (denatured alcohol). Spread the affected item on a flat surface, and immediately place a dense piece of cloth under the dirt, which it is not a pity to stain. Ethyl alcohol is applied to a tampon and gently erase the stain, moving from edge to center. Attention: the most important thing is not to smear the varnish even stronger, clean it neatly and necessarily towards the middle of the contamination. After cleaning, wash the thing in the usual way.

A simple and effective method, likeclean the nail polish from the fabric, - wipe it off with hydrogen peroxide. All known antiseptic has a whitening effect and at the same time it is safe for most types of tissues. Hydrogen peroxide can be applied to a stain or a cotton swab so that the stain is wetted. Try to remove the varnish from white textiles with toothpaste. It should be applied to the stain and left to dry. After that, you need to carefully clean off the old toothbrush. A powder for cleaning teeth is also suitable. From it, you can prepare a cleansing gruel, adding a little vegetable oil. Rinse the mixture well, apply it to the stain and leave it to dry completely. In the end, it only remains to remove the dried mass with a brush.

Help get rid of nail polish gasoline!

How to clean nail polish with fabric
Almost universal remedy for removalvarnish with fabric is gasoline. How to wash the lacquer from clothes with it? Dampen soiled area with gasoline and leave for 20 minutes. Then rub with a cotton swab or a piece of a sponge stain. If the varnish was removed, you can wash the thing. Take into account that gasoline can leave greasy stains on clothes - use a proven washing powder that can remove them without a trace. To clean the white clothes, mix the gasoline with chalk in equal proportions and apply the gruel to the contamination zone.

Solutions for delicate fabrics

How to wash a varnish from clothes
What if the drops of nail polish came onlace or other material that requires special treatment? We bring to your attention a proven recipe for the cleansing composition for delicate fabrics. Mix in equal proportions vegetable oil, ammonia solution and turpentine. How to remove nail polish from clothes with this mixture? It's very simple: put it on the stain and leave it for a couple of minutes. After that, blot the treated area of ​​cloth with a tissue. The final stage is careful hand washing. Try not to twist or squeeze the fabric too much. People's councils (how to remove nail polish from clothes) may not work in any particular case. If you are not helped by the above recipes, it makes sense to try stain remover factory production. Another option for removing nail polish from textiles is to take the spoiled thing to a dry clean.

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