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"Other people's children grow fast," - whoeverI heard such a phrase, who only spoke it! However, if we talk about buying children's shoes, it seems that their own grow just instantly. Most recently bought a couple "with a margin", but now again the son frowns and assures that the boot is squeezing.

Ekko shoes for children

Is it worth buying expensive shoes

In fact, a child's leg can growon 2-3 sizes for a year, therefore it is difficult to count, that the boots got in the past to year, will appear suitable and today. And shoes should not only be suitable in size, but also practical, convenient. All of these criteria are met by Ecco. Children's footwear from this company is usually strong, waterproof.

Advantages of Eko

The requirements for shoes are different for everyone, but the majoritywill put convenience and strength in first place. This is especially true for children's shoes. If the skin on the winter boots for the boy becomes wet after the first snowdrift, most likely, their owner goes through the whole winter with raw legs. Children's winter footwear "Ekko" is made of a material with special properties. It does not let the moisture inside, it does not get wet. But the leg in this boot breathes and does not sweat. Reliable footwear on the feet of a child is very important. That is why many parents prefer shoes with gortex material, for example, "Eko".

Shoes for children should not only be reliable, butand easy. So, any insulation on natural fur is not suitable. Natural fur, of course, will not allow the leg to freeze, but the shoes will be heavy and clumsy at the same time, which is very inconvenient for a mobile child. In heavy shoes, you can easily trip over, get injured.

children's winter eco shoes
"Eko" - children's shoes (and even adults) are very light. In production, modern materials are used, so boots or boots are not at all heavy, on the contrary, very comfortable.

Children do not like shoelaces and lightning. Laces should be carefully and long tied, and zippers on boots often jam. In addition, such fasteners - the weak point of any shoes or boots. It is in the place of lacing that the snow is stuffed, and the boot gets wet from the side of the zipper. Very originally, this problem was solved by the firm "Ekko". Shoes for children they have almost everything - on Velcro. And Velcro is usually very high quality, they work for two or three seasons. A boot or boot with such a clasp can be worn in seconds, which is very valuable for young hustlers.

dimensional grid of children's shoes echo

How to choose shoes by foot

Shoes from "Ekko" can be different. There are firms that sew mostly on narrow pads, others - on the contrary. "Eko" - the universal company, here you can find shoes for any width of the foot, for any climb. The size grid of "Ekko" children's shoes is usually depicted on the back of the cover of any branded box. Shoes are conventionally divided into a nursery (up to the 28th size), adolescent (up to the 35th, and sometimes up to the 38th size) and adult. And noticed that a teenage shoe of the 36th size is slightly smaller than a shoe of the same size, but belonging to an adult ruler.

This is a reliable, comfortable and beautiful shoes, which is not enough for one season or not for one child.

The company "Eko" annually updates the range, and sometimes the design solutions are quite bold. Here you need to choose, buy and make sure of comfort!

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