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Even the smallest child requires considerableinvestments in their development. In this article, let's talk about how to choose the right stroller: what you need to consider and know. And also will consider the basic reviews about the most popular models of this children's mode of transport.

Stroller Stroller Reviews

About diversity

If a modern person wishes to buywhat is the first thing he will pay attention to? That's right, for customer reviews. Stroller walking in this situation is no exception. To study this mode of transport is possible by different characteristics, but the surest way to not make a mistake with the choice is to find out what models experienced moms prefer. So, first of all it is necessary to say that conventionally wheelchairs for walking can be divided into three large weight groups:

  1. Heavyweights: their average weight is 10-12 kg, but can reach up to 15.
  2. Lightweight wheelchairs: their weight is on average 6-8 kg, but they have all the functions that heavyweights do.
  3. Super lightweight wheelchairs: most often they are called "canes", their weight is on average 3-5 kg.

They are also divided into summer and winter (according to the season), stroller-sticks and strollers (by folding type), three- and four-wheel models.

good stroller reviews


What are the advantages of walking strollers? Customer testimonials say the following:

  1. It is light and small in size (compared to a conventional stroller). This often becomes the main argument in the desire of the mother to change the wheelchair to a more ergonomic option.
  2. Compactness. All strollers can be folded like a book or a cane. Thanks to this with such strollers you can travel, move on public transport, without problems to store even in a small apartment.
  3. Relatively low prices.

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Having looked at the positive characteristics of this speciestransport, you also need to know if there are negative reviews? Carriages for walking are not so ideal, if you want to take a closer look. Their main disadvantages:

  1. Low level of comfort. Compared with conventional stroller in walking, there is often less room for a baby, and a less comfortable sleeping position.
  2. Protection. Lower level of protection from bad weather.
  3. Insufficient depreciation (compared to conventional strollers).
  4. Poor patency. Most of them with huge problems will pass through snow or mud drifts, and they are also not recommended to be purchased for movement on a dirt terrain.

What to look for when choosing?

So what should be a good promenadeThe stroller? Buyers' comments say that you need to first thoroughly study not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of this type of transport, and afterwards to think: is it worth buying it or is it better still to walk with the baby in a conventional stroller. What do you need to pay attention to when choosing?

  1. When choosing transport for a walk you need to drawattention to the front wheels of this mode of transport. If they are double, the stroller itself can turn into uncontrollable, sometimes the wheels become a yuz, which prevents movement.
  2. Compared with conventional strollers in the promenades for baby sitting less. This is also worth paying attention to when choosing. In some models, the child will also not have enough sleep.
  3. "Walking" strollers. Not all of them are able to "walk" on the stairs. If this is important (in the house, for example, there is no elevator), when choosing this fact, you need to pay special attention.
  4. What else do customer reviews say?Strollers are more likely to have less sturdy construction than conventional strollers. Scratches in the wheels are possible, which, however, without any problems is eliminated by conventional VD-shkoy.
  5. When choosing this type of transport for the babyalso worth paying attention to the convenience of it is for the mother. Strollers are more often more difficult to manage than their normal relatives. In this case, rarely equipped with a sufficient luggage compartment, and my mother is unlikely to be able to hang on the handle of such a stroller full of goods bag.
  6. A pen:it is better if it is U-shaped (so mom can on the way talk, for example, on the phone, pushing the carriage with one hand). If the pens are two, the stroller can not be carried with one hand. Also, it is worth paying attention to whether the handle can be moved, which will allow changing the position of the child in the stroller. For some moms, this is an important nuance.
  7. Security.Since walking is relatively low to the ground, they are very stable, which allows the child to climb inside by himself. However, it is worth paying attention to this nuance: is the side of the stroller high enough (which will not allow the baby to fall out during movement), is there any seat belts. And you should always remember: you can not remove the baby from the stroller when a certain weight hangs on its handle. So transport can turn over and hurt the crumb.

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Which is better: "winter" or "summer"?

Which is better to choose a stroller: summer or winter?What does this say about the reviews? Stroller walking, which are designed for winter, primarily have more powerful wheels (which also have a fairly large diameter). This allows children's transport without problems to drive through the snow and do not get stuck in it. Also these strollers will necessarily be equipped with a warm cover, which must be put on the legs of the child, the stroller material will be more dense and inflated. Another important detail: in a winter wheelchair the baby will be more comfortable, since there is much more space. However, there are some disadvantages here: the winter one is more massive and more often is slightly heavier than the summer one. As for the version of the stroller for the warm season, its wheels will be of minimal diameter, the fabric is lighter, there is a small visor to protect it, which will hide the baby from the sun. It should be said that this type of transport is more suitable for children who are no longer sleeping on a walk, since it is unlikely that a kid can normally rest in summer carriages.

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What is better to choose: "cane" or "book"?

What should be a good stroller?Customer testimonials say the following: for a child up to a year you need to take a stroller-book, since it has a hard enough back, which is important for the formation of the baby's spine. The same in the "cane" is not, its back is made of light material, which, however, allows the wheelchair to fold very compactly. So what is better to give preference? If mom and baby travel a lot and they need a perfect stroller, where you can relax and just ride, it's better to take a stroller. The list of its advantages over the "cane":

  1. More reliable and durable.
  2. The back of the stroller has the stiffness necessary for the baby, often several adjustments.
  3. It also transforms perfectly, which makes it easy to carry or transport in personal and even public transport.

What is so good a stroller?Customer testimonials say that it is in a folded version much more compact than a book. It takes up much less space, which often becomes the main factor when choosing this transport for the baby. However, with all this, it is not recommended to leave a child in a "cane" for sleep because of the lack of a rigid back.

Carriages by Capella

stroller walking capella stroller отзывы

Every buyer, wishing to choose for histhe kid a successful transport for a walk, will necessarily face a problem: and on what producer to stop, who will offer the ideal variant? So, a few words should be said about the company Capella. Stroller walking (customer reviews confirm this) is quite heavy and looks massive. However, this ends all negative responses. In itself, it is large, which gives the child enough space for convenient placement. The wheelbase is wider with respect to other manufacturers, which gives the wheelchair the ability to maneuver and be the so-called all-terrain vehicle. What are the different strollers Capella? Stroller (customer reviews, again, pay attention to this) is one of the most expensive, the price policy of most models is quite high. And although these carriages are produced in South Korea, they are more expensive than Italian or German counterparts.

Carriages by Lider Kids

This is another fairly well-known company,which most young moms pay attention to when choosing. What is so good stroller Lider Kids? Buyers' comments say the following: a comfortable enough place to accommodate the baby, a normal place for sleeping a child, models are equipped with a hood or visor to cover the baby from the weather or the sun. The wheels are sturdy, comfortable, fixed when necessary. An important point: strollers of this company - walking (this means that with it you can climb the stairs without dragging the stroller in your hands). The main disadvantages are: relatively heavy and massive models. However, according to the majority of parents, this is the most successful variant of a combination of price and quality.

stroller lider kids reviews

Strollers by Jetem

Choosing the transport for the youngest child,It is also worth paying attention to Jetem stroller. What do customers say about this manufacturer? Thus, most models have the following drawbacks:

  1. Insufficient depreciation (which, however, the problem of all wheelchairs of this type compared with conventional).
  2. Loop handle (especially present if the stroller has two positions: "face forward" and "face to mother").
  3. Do not step (the pitch between the wheels of the models of this company is smaller).

This is often the discontent of buyersend. The advantages of the models of this company abound. The stroller is quite light and manoeuvrable, the design is stable, which will not let the little child lie around. Most models are equipped with additional accessories: a large cargo compartment, a handbag for the mother, a raincoat, a hood. The back of such strollers is firm, which will enable the child to sleep in the fresh air.

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