Kinds of dogs

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A breed is a common group of dogs thathas a common origin, a characteristic appearance, behavior and physique. All traits of dogs are inherited. Any breed is a certain kind of human labor. The breed may be affected by breeding, maintenance, feeding and training. Unfavorable conditions of detention can lead to the extinction of a certain breed. Let's look at the existing types of dogs.

Kinds of dogs

In today's world, there is a largethe number of different breeds (their number is four hundred). Decorative dogs serve as a decoration for a beautiful home. The decorative rocks include: Australian silky terrier, American naked terrier, English bulldog, Yorkshire terrier, bichon frize, colorful lapdock, Pekingese and many others. Such kinds of dogs are acquired by Hollywood stars and not only. They have a funny appearance and require special care and attitude. In modern pet stores you can buy beautiful clothes, collars and decorations for such pets.

There are also kinds of dogs that guardterritory and are responsible for the safety of their master, they are called official. These include: avcharka, rottweiler, English bulldog, shar pei, pitbull and so on. Service dogs provide practical assistance to people. But in order that they can fulfill their direct duties, they must be trained. You can do it yourself or with the help of a professional cynologist. Types of dog breeds have their own characteristics. But if you can find the right approach to your pet, he will reciprocate you and will serve you faithfully.

species of dog breeds

If you are a fan of hunting, thenchoose hunting breeds. These include: Afghan hound, Dalmatian, basset, beagle, dachshund, labrador, fox terrier and many others. Such dogs are very bright and energetic, they need to run a lot in the fresh air, they easily catch prey and bring it to the owner.

Types of small dogs are currentlyvery fashionable, every stylish girl dreams of putting such a beauty in her purse. To small breeds of dogs are: Japanese hin, Maltese lapdog, Russian toy, chihuahua, papillon and many others. These breeds of dogs have a small size, their weight barely reaches a kilogram. They are very funny, but fearful and usually afraid of other people's dogs and people. To ensure that your little pet is not sick, you need to regularly take him to the vet and do all the necessary vaccinations.

types of small dogs

Currently, there are new types of dogs, which differ in color, character and mannerbehavior. Find new breeds you can in modern nurseries or pet stores. If you want to buy a healthy dog, then it is better to do it in specialized nurseries. There you will be provided with certificates and documents confirming the pedigree. Necessarily among such a large choice you can find yourself a real friend who will be with you, no matter what.

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