Is it possible to engage in love in the early term? We'll find out!

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Sexual relations between husband and wife - onefrom the obligatory parts of the marriage relationship. They are not predominant, but to maintain harmony in the family, their availability is highly desirable. But there are periods when sex between spouses is called into question - for example, the period of pregnancy.

At this time the body of a woman is undergoingsignificant changes, many of which interfere with a full intimate life, especially in the first trimester. And many doctors and advisers say that it is impossible to have sex in the early stages of pregnancy. Is it so?

Is it possible to engage in love in the early term
Opinions of gynecologists on this issue diverge. Some of them, more often than not, are specialists of the old school, on the question "can I do love at an early pregnancy?" They say their categorical "no." And it is impossible to shake their opinion on this score. Other, progressive doctors, on the contrary, believe that at this time a woman should do everything her body desires. And to put taboos on an intimate life is not worth it. What to do, how to decide for yourself, can you do love in the early term?

First of all, it is necessary to look atwell-being. If toxicosis, loss of consciousness or other manifestations of hormonal changes in the body do not disturb you so much to prevent pleasure, then why not try in a new state to continue the previous sexual life. But immediately you should make a reservation: this advice can be observed for those girls whose gynecologist did not determine the threat of termination of pregnancy during the examination.

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Most often, doctors do not give an affirmative answeron the question "can I do love at an early date?" It is because of such probabilities. At the very beginning of pregnancy, when the egg is still attached to the wall of the uterus, any mechanical effect on the neck can have abortive effects and lead to miscarriage. This does not always happen and not all. But more often than not, women who have a history of interrupted or stopped pregnancy, gynecologists are advised to observe sexual tranquility in the first trimester.

Still happens, that hormonal changesprovoke either a violent inclination, or, conversely, a fall in libido. In the first case, you can advise only two ways: either to limit sex at an early date, at least once a week, or to use any other means of obtaining satisfaction, except for the usual vaginal contact. Here you should rely on your own preferences. And to perceive such restrictions as a temporary necessity - usually to the second trimester and the hormonal background is leveled, and doctors are not so categorical.

in early pregnancy can not be
If the libido is at zero from the very beginningpregnancy, do not force yourself. Even such a weighty argument as the preservation of marital fidelity and the needs of the husband are not worth your good health. In this case, it is better to talk frankly with the spouse, explain the changes taking place with you and try to convey to him the idea that all this is temporary, and very soon the sexual life will return to the previous channel. And then it will be better - many women after giving birth discovered new aspects of sexuality.

So, in general, the answer to the question "is it possibleto engage in love in the early stages of pregnancy? "depends on the woman herself. If there is a desire, and the body nurtures a child without special complications, there are no obstacles to the continuation of the intimate life. If the doctor, and your very state of health is protesting against sex, then you should still abstain for a while, because the life and health of the child - first of all.

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