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The name "Sibex" for many young parentsis associated with such concepts as comfort and quality. Those who have already discovered children's products of this manufacturer, make a choice in his favor again and again, making new purchases for their kids. One of the most popular products of the company is Cybex Onyx, a baby stroller that possesses not only all the virtues of "Sibex", but also a bright expressive appearance. Looking for transport for a beloved? Be sure to pay attention to this model!

Cybex Onyx

The concept of the company

Philosophy Cybex does not tolerate half-measures. In the products produced by this brand, the child can not be almost good. Only the maximum convenience, absolute reliability and bold, superfashionable appearance. The Cybex Onyx stroller is no exception. Reviews of owners are often abound with such epithets as "neubivaemaya", "house on wheels", "beauty." This suggests that everything that young parents value in children's transport is fully embodied in this model.

Beauty is a terrible power!

Cybex Onyx, a photo of which demonstrates all its beauty, is often chosen by those who pay considerable attention to style and appearance.

This transport is quite impressive"Growth", which advantageously highlights its model appearance. The Cybex Onyx stroller is presented in several colors, in addition to which the limits are periodically issued. The basic colors are rather restrained: black, "mars" (red), "ocean" (blue).

Cybex Onyx photo

Draws on himself and the chassis of "Onyx". The frame has a square cross-section, the axes are inclined backwards, which gives an impression of dynamism and expression. The stylish compact wheels with dense disks finish the image.

The whole image of this model is designed in a sporty style. Belonging to it, the seat belts, reminiscent of the lamp on sports pants, also emphasize.

Safety system

Cybex Onyx is equipped with a removable bumper. It is convenient on the road, you can attach toys to it. In addition, for safety of a small non-attendance responds a five-point belt, which has a patented opening mechanism with one click. This allows you to quickly remove the strap system and release the baby.

Protection from the sun provides a voluminous hood,which can be expanded to huge dimensions, covering the child almost completely. The fabric from which the hood is made has a UV protection level of 50 uvb. The very design of the hood also deserves special attention. It has a folded zipper fold, which, if necessary, can be disbanded. Then the hood will decompose to the bumper. This is especially true in the cold season.

From the weather the baby will secure a reliable silicone raincoat. Neither the wind, nor the downpour, nor even the snowfall will disturb the comfort of the small passenger.

Frame and suspension

The Cybex Onyx metal frame is made ofspecial alloy. All the nodes are carefully designed, in the expectation of intensive operation and dynamic rhythm. This transport is able to withstand loads exceeding its own weight by several kilograms!

stroller cane Cybex Onyx reviews

The Cybex Onyx stroller is equipped with fourpairs of wheels. All four pairs have cushioning, which makes the stroller move smoothly. Additional convenience is achieved by adjusting the rotation: on a flat road it is easier to go with the floating front wheels, and if the coating leaves much to be desired, the locks should be set to the "only forward" position. On the rear wheels there are brakes, one on each pair.


To the smallest detail, the mechanism of foldingstrollers Cybex Onyx. The testimonies indicate that you can collect it with just one hand. The pairs of wheels diverge in different directions, while the front wheels do not stain the hood, as is often the case in such cases.

stroller cane Cybex Onyx

The dimensions of the folded stroller are compact, it can becarry as a suitcase or carry a pen. Itself can not stand this model, like most others. But if you put it on the ground, the textile parts will not get dirty, because the design is designed in such a way that it rests only on the wheels. A special fixator will not allow the folded wheelchair to collapse.


In addition to bright colors, Cybex stroller textilesOnyx is also remarkable for its quality. It does not get wet under the fine rain (and in case of a large one there is a raincoat), does not burn out in the sun, does not molt when washing. By the way, it can be washed in a washing machine, it can be removed from the frame without much difficulty.

Optional Accessories

The manufacturer enables buyersto equip children's transport at their discretion. In a wide range of presented warm envelopes, liners in the walking block, mattresses, mosquitoes, complementary protection kits, organizers, bags, umbrellas and much more. If the basic configuration of Cybex Onyx seems insufficient or just wants something new, you can supplement the stroller to your own taste.

For those who have older children, veryA convenient solution can be a step-skate. It is attached to the frame behind the stroller and stands a considerable weight. For a child of 5 years it will be convenient to hold onto the frame of the "Sibex" if it gets tired for a walk. To "Onyx" fit and brand skates, and models of other manufacturers.

Innovations from Sibex

Initially, this model was intended for toddlersfrom six months. The backrest of the wheelchair, although it can be unfolded, will not fit a newborn - its fragile bones need much more support. In addition, the absence of the "face to mother" is also not the best option for the baby. Today, the designers of the company have developed a new system that allows to integrate on the "Onyx" child car seat cocoon group 0+.

stroller Cybex Onyx

On such transport it is possible to go for a drive even at onceafter discharge from the hospital. If necessary, and especially in the absence of an armchair of his own visor, a large hood will cover the baby from curious glances and tricks of bad weather.

Cybex Onyx in a modern city

Not so long ago, this transport hit the lenspaparazzi. And lit up with him is not who is different, like Sarah Jessica Parker herself. Can I think of better advertising than recognition from the world's celebrities? And Sarah clearly demonstrates and such an accessory, as a step for the older child, which is riding her daughter. By the way, in some photos in the wheelchair rolls Tabitha, and on the other is little Marion. This once again demonstrates that even with the availability of income, there is no need to purchase a new transport for the second baby. Not in vain, young moms call this stroller super strong!

 Cybex Onyx reviews

Modern life dictates its conditions. Transport for walking with the baby should be reliable and comfortable, look great, stand out from the crowd, emphasize the taste of the owner. A small passenger in it should be comfortable and safe. Cybex Onyx walking stick is fully compliant with all these requirements.

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