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For each person, accessories have their ownmeaning: someone gives a lot of attention to the choice and purchase of such elements of the image, others believe that these are "trinkets", and therefore spend their time on them and the time is silly. Those who adhere to the first option and believes that jewelry is also important in the image of a man, like properly sewn trousers, should pay special attention to the famous Swiss watch. Festina - a brand that occupies a leading position in the world market of the watch industry.

Festina watch

The products of this company are seriously different from the competitors' products in many parameters and characteristics. But what exactly are the hours of this brand?

Brand History

Swiss products, namely accessories,have been in great demand for several decades and are considered the standard of quality. Naturally, there are a lot of such brands in this country, and among them there are Festina watches. Its history began in 1902. Then the big emphasis was directed on creation of super-accurate chronographs. This narrow focus in production has allowed us to achieve excellence in this field and to produce goods of exceptionally high quality. Soon the company decided to expand its range of activities and produced a full-time watch with all the innovations that have become a part of fashion. But in 1984 the company passed into the hands of a talented Spanish entrepreneur. The initial stagnation of the firm, which affected all aspects of activity immediately, quickly turned into a "race" among competitors.

Festina watch
Sensing the whole feature of fashion trends, MiguelRodriguez (who is also the owner of the company) started developing a traditional Swiss watch with a quartz movement and did not lose it. Today the goods of this company are unique, and the assortment includes not only quartz watches, but also with a mechanical mechanism.

Product Features

A rich history, the best masters of the business - allcombine these Swiss watches. Festina differs from competitors in many ways, and one of many is design. A unique, unusual Spanish spirit is the basis of the style of all the company's products. As the watchmakers (technologists and designers) say, "attractiveness knows no bounds!"

Festina watch reviews

What distinguishes this brand from many others -this is the manufacture of both men's and women's watches. At the same time, they are as practical as possible. They have built in a variety of functions (a calendar, an alarm clock right up to a quartz repeater), and that's why these watches are so convenient. Festina produces products by special technologies, observing all the traditions of its century-old history.

Popular Models

Each brand has such specimens thatare the standard of quality. And the brand Festina. Watches of the most different configuration, form and style are available for each company, but accessories that are recognized as a standard at international exhibitions - only in units. So, in 2004 the company presented the most complicated watches for divers. The equipment of these specimens is amazing: they have a combined analog-digital display and an electronic depth gauge. Naturally, they are waterproof. Also, during the dive, the touch sensor automatically starts operating, which displays the depth, temperature, and dive time. At the same time they are equipped with a "map" of memory and can save the results of the last 4 dives. As a material for the bracelet is used rubber, which makes the most comfortable such a wristwatch.

Festina provided in 2005 one morethe most complicated quartz watch. The equipment of this model is impressive. They have a minute, sound and electronic repeater and an eternal automatic calendar. Among the functions included chronograph, carrying out timing up to 12 hours, alarm clock, chimes and graphic images of the current phase of the moon.

What do customers say?

Naturally, a great variety of productstoo difficult to perceive by consumers. The narrower the spectrum, the more details can be considered and it's easier to identify the best Festina watches for yourself. Reviews of hundreds of thousands of buyers have highlighted the most popular models and collections: Tour de France, No. 9 ", Chronograph, Mambo, Multifunctional, MegaQuartz, Sport, etc. Consumers note the high quality of this brand's products and relatively affordable prices, in comparison with the world's giants of watch production.

wristwatch Festina
This Swiss products can be purchased for 10 thousand rubles. By world standards, these are very cheap goods having excellent quality.

We make a choice in favor of Festina

If your financial position allows you to buyexpensive accessories, it is best to choose the Swiss brands, and it is "Festina". A rich age-old history, long traditions and technologies of production and, undoubtedly, innovations - all this is united in the goods of this brand. Choosing the right option, you should rely on Festina. The guarantee of quality and long service life will allow enjoying the work of these wrist watches for decades. A large selection of styles, for both men and women, will allow you to buy exactly what you like.

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