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"Cleanliness is the guarantee of health!"- this phrase was heard for sure by all. When the house is clean, then the person has cheerfulness, clarity of mind, health. Maybe it will seem strange, but the order in the house affects the life of its inhabitants.

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But in the house it is important not just to do the cleaning, butget rid of parasites, harmful bacteria. This will help a good cleanser. This article is devoted to such a wonderful assistant, as Domestos. Instructions for use, tips and ideas are listed below. Let's get acquainted.

Where is it applied?

Domestos is a universal detergent. They can wash the stove and bath, floors and window sills, almost anything that can be subjected to wet cleaning.

Unfortunately, harmful bacteria and microbes livenot only on the street, but also in the house. It is very important to keep the dwelling clean. We have already talked a little about this above. And now we will consider in detail how "Domestos" can be used. Instructions for use are given in the form of advice, according to what is being washed or cleaned.


For the cleanliness of the bathroom should be carefully monitored and notto admit dirt. Each member of the family, guests visit the toilet several times a day. A day accumulates a large number of harmful bacteria. To avoid infections, a disinfectant should be used, such as Domestos. Instructions for use for the toilet, compiled by the manufacturer, contains the following advice on this matter: buy a special composition for washing the toilet bowls (a hole and a cap in such a Domestos - at an angle of 45 degrees). Apply a gel under the bezel, lightly pressing the sides of the bottle. As a result, the toilet bowl in a circle will be treated with gel. It will be ideal if on weekdays, while all the household members at work, at school, you treat the toilet bowl and leave it until everyone comes home. Do not rinse immediately after treatment.

Surfaces of sinks, baths, plates

In order to have a clean bath, sink and stove,apply the detergent described by us on the surface, rub it with a sponge, rag or brush and leave it for 5 minutes. Let the dirt soak into the applied product.

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If there is rust, stains from burnt porridge or runaway milk on the surface of the cooker, grease in the kitchen sink, raid on the tile, rub with a rag or brush until it becomes clean.

As stated for "Domestos" instruction onUse: Clean the cleaner after 5 minutes with warm water. And to clean the plate rinse the cloth / sponge. By the way, this product perfectly destroys not only bacteria, but also fungus.

Drainage and water supply

And you know that you can undiluted Domestospour into the drain hole and so leave for a few minutes? But in this way you can clean the pipes of fat, plaque, bacteria. It will be enough to pour about 50-100 ml.

Domestos instructions for use in the toilet

It is worth noting that for the prudent hostesses in the stores are sold canisters of 5 liters of Domestos. The instructions for use are the same as for the product in bottles.

Floors, walls

If you have linoleum or tile on the floor, thatDomestos fit perfectly. But keep in mind that undiluted can not be used. Follow the clear recommendations: pour 5 liters of warm water into a bucket and add 4 caps of cleaning agent (about 40 ml), stir.

The same solution can wash the tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Of course, it is desirable that the containers for washing floors and walls are different.

Sponges, rags

It turns out that Domestosom can wash clothes andsponges that you use on the au pair. This product is able to clean them even from heavy pollution. Of course, the ideal purity of the surface of the material may not be, there will be a speck, but harmful microbes will be destroyed.

The whiteness of things

It turns out that you can bleach clothes, towels,linens! This is mentioned in the Domestos instructions for use. Photos of this wonderful tool you see in this article. Note that there are several options: classic (blue) and flavored.

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Let's return to things. As we have just said, there are means with a pleasant scent. They can be used for clothes. Type 5 liters of hot water, add 1 cap of the product, lower the laundry for 45 minutes. Then just rinse, do not use powder. You can leave the laundry for the night. But the scheme is different: half the cap of "Domestos" for 5 liters of water.

Caution does not hurt

Despite the fact that the tool is ideal, it is unsafe. Try to clean "Domestos" so that children, animals, invalids do not reach it.

It is advisable to carry out handling and washing in rubber gloves, since the product can cause irritation, allergy, burns.

Do not use this cleaner if there is a sick person with moderate or severe bronchial asthma in the house, as the couples can cause suffocation.

Furniture, carpets and bedspreads

The means of "Domestos" instructions for usesays that to wash upholstered furniture, upholstery, soft toys, carpets in any case impossible. If by chance the solution or undiluted product falls on such surfaces, it is necessary to rinse thoroughly with water.


If you follow the instructions clearly, then you will manage to fulfill your dream: to clean your house of dirt and bacteria. Cleanliness is the guarantee of our health.

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