How to choose a safe child seat on a bicycle?

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Today many people like it on weekendswalking on bicycles. In the parks you can meet just young people and couples who are thus resting from the city bustle. With the birth of a baby, cycling has to be changed to walking with a stroller. But as soon as a little child grows up and can sit confidently, it can be attached to a family hobby. Children's bicycles will help in this. Choosing the right product, the whole family can perfectly spend their holidays together.

Choosing a safe seat

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In the first place, care must be taken toyour child's safety, therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of such an object as a bicycle seat very responsibly. It should have a high back so that the baby's spine does not have a heavy load. Pay attention to those child seats on the bike that will have raised side walls. In this case, the child will be protected from three sides and will not go anywhere. Since many children are restless, their reliable fixation is very important. Get a helmet that will protect your head. The seat belts will play a big role. They keep the child, therefore it is necessary to check them carefully. If the chair has one waist belt, you should not even look at it, since it can not keep the active child and it will easily take off. When choosing children's seats on a bicycle, look at the straps that will pass under the feet of the baby and support him by the shoulders. They are called
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three-point. Look at the lock, it should be securely fastened and unfastened, so that only an adult can open it. Observe all these rules. Choose a child seat for a bicycle, the price of which can be different, should be carefully. Do not economize on this and buy the cheapest and simple model. Many people think that such a thing will not be useful for a long time, but you can later regret the wrong choice.

Choose a front bicycle seat for a child

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Front child seats on the bike todayare quite popular. They are attached to the steering column or to the frame tube. When choosing a similar product, you need to take into account the parameters of the bike itself. It may be that the cables and switches that are placed on it do not allow to secure the chair properly. The advantages of using the front seat are obvious, because here the child will be constantly in front of his eyes. If he needs something, it will not be difficult for him to give it and to observe how he behaves. In addition, the baby will be comfortable to look at everything that happens in front. However, there is a drawback: it will distract mom or dad who run a bicycle.

Choose a rear bicycle seat

Rear child seat on a bicycle, photowhich is presented, is attached to the trunk. You can also fasten it to the seat tube of the frame. This product is usually stiff, but thanks to this reliable. It can withstand up to 22 kg, which is a big advantage over the front seat. On an uneven road, it will not be very comfortable for a child to travel, but for a walk in the park this seat is quite suitable.

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