Tax Worker's Day: from Peter to the present day

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Each of us has colleagues, acquaintances, friends who celebrate Tax Workers Day. And do you know where this holiday came from and how did the tax system of our country form?

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Professional holiday of modern tax specialistsis celebrated starting from the 2000th year, after the President has signed the relevant decree. At the same time, the date of celebration was also chosen - she was appointed on the twenty-first of November. The very tax service of Russia appeared earlier - in 1991. After seven years, she received another name: the Ministry of Taxes and Levies.

But this system had a rich prehistory. The first tax Russia, dealing with all financial issues, was formed under Peter the Great. He organized and recruited employees at twelve state colleges. The list of four of them included just financial activities.

The next stage was the creation of Catherine IIa special expedition on state revenues. This happened in 1780, and twenty-two years later the first Ministry of Finance appeared. Created it already Alexander the First. He also defined the sphere of influence of this state body - the incomes and expenses of the country.

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And again we return to the present, to whichThe Day of the Tax Worker also applies. 1990 was marked by the creation of tax inspections in the Ministry of Finance. Finally, to the latest changes: the name of the state tax authority again, already finally, was changed to the present to the present day - the Federal Tax Service. Some of the functions that were previously in her department, went to the Ministry of Finance. For example, clarification of relevant issues of Russian legislation and the adoption of regulations.

Today everyone who considers hisa professional holiday Day of the tax worker, knows: the tax system is based on more than two dozen laws covering virtually the entire economy of the country. It can be found both as an identity and as a reflection of the generally accepted practice of many similar systems in the world. But one thing is certain: it is the tax system that is one of several key factors that ensure the stability and clarity of the functioning of all the country's finances.

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In this powerful, ramified, territoriallyToday, a structured system employs thousands of specialists. The investment climate of our country depends on the level of their qualification, experience, responsibility. From the ability to wage an uncompromising struggle against violators - the stability of the Russian economy and the integrity of the state budget. Inspectors of tax authorities are sometimes called the "fair sword of retribution," the modern Robin Hood, who gives credit to all the inhabitants of the country, regardless of their financial situation.

The day of the tax worker was created specially,to thank these people for their dedication, attention, perseverance and protection of the interests of our country. We congratulate them on this holiday and wish patience, professional success and many years of guarding the Russian tax system!

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