A beautiful congratulation for my grandmother on her birthday: in verse and prose

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Parents take care of their children all their liveslove them to insanity. But grandmothers love grandchildren triple and try to devote them every minute of their lives. They bake delicious pies, read fairy tales, learn the alphabet with them and walk in the fresh air. Grandchildren - a new breath of air for the elderly, they seem to be younger, fooling around with the kids and spending time with them. Therefore, if the house is a holiday, congratulations on your grandmother's birthday should be special, warm and kind!

The closest person

Grandmother always comes to the rescue, no matter whatIt happened. This is the most wise member of the family, she has life experience and can find a way out of any situation. Therefore, many children often turn to their beloved grandmothers for advice!

pozrashenie for grandmother

Help the child make a card with his own hands. It can be an application, a drawing. Let the kid try, and if he already knows how to write, he picks up a poem on her. Congratulations to her grandmother on her grandson will be very pleasant and touches her to tears.

You're kind and sweet,

Cheerful, beloved,

As the sun - in my childhood.

And we are so well together.

We play and read,

And draw, and chat,

We do not notice the time.

It's just that I'm interested in you,

Everything in life you know!

Always be near,

You are the ray of my light.

I really love you for all this!

The kid can learn these lines by heart and solemnly read during the feast.

We wish you health and happiness,

To please us every day you could,

Your smile is a radiant miracle,

I will help you in full.

You are kind, intelligent, gentle,

Beautiful and serene.

I have great respect for you,

I love and just adore!

Such sincere congratulation for the grandmother will approach the child of any age. It is easy to remember, every word is embedded love!

congratulations on his grandmother's birthday

Best friend - grandfather

Not everyone has such happiness - to have a grandfather,and grandmother. Grandfather is the best friend and companion for grandchildren. He is always on their side. The boys are delighted with hiking with their grandfather for fishing, in the woods, in the garage. Such activities are useful for the development of the child, knowledge of the world and the environment.

If grandparents have birthdays in one month or they celebrate the anniversary of the wedding, give them one poem for two!

For you with all our heart we are sick,

My beloved grandmother and grandfather!

We also wish you to live

At least a hundred years!

Today, the whole family,

And I'm very happy.

After all, you are loved, dear

And very much dear heart!

Congratulations to my grandparents can be musical. Let the baby sing these lines, and all the other members of the family will support him. Such kind words from the mouth of a child - the best gift for the old!

congratulations to my grandparents

Small Scene

If you want to congratulate your grandmother originally,rehearse a small sketch or an excerpt from a fairy tale. Prepare costumes and props and arrange a real sold-out at home! Everyone will be delighted with your performance. Baby dress up as a grandmother, it will be very funny.

Mini-scene about curious children

Mother comes out dressed in a child: "Mom and Dad at work, and I have so many new questions! I'll go and ask my grandmother, she knows everything better than anyone else! "

A grandson or granddaughter appears in her grandmother's suit: "What did you want to ask? What's bothering you, honey? "

Granddaughter: "Why, grandmother, I have a peephole in my eye, my ears - a pair, but my tongue and nose - one at a time?"

Grandmother, sighing, replies: "Everything in our body is arranged correctly! Eyes to see better, two ears to hear well. But the language is one to talk less and to do more with both hands! "

Granddaughter: "And the nose, why is he alone?"

Grandmother: "And that you have less than him somewhere to pop!"

Such a comic sketch will look better than the usual congratulations on his grandmother's birthday. Everyone will like your idea, and the next holiday guests will require continuation.

congratulation to grandmother from her grandson

Photo for memory

A good app for warm greetingswords will be a collage of photographs or a self-made photo album. Each page can be signed with suitable adjectives: "beautiful, smiling, caring, tender, intelligent." When handing the presentation, read the congratulations to my grandmother on her birthday in verse:

I remember from childhood remember your affection and care,

You chose the best job in the world -

Bring up their grandchildren,

They will give a salary to the salary!

You read fairy tales,

You invite tea and cake,

We play interesting games with you,

We always forget about time together.

With you it's funny and good,

Cozy, nice and warm!

A collage of photos and beautiful pictures can be madeon a large sheet or cut off the wallpaper. There also write wishes and compliments to your beloved granny. This memorable gift she hangs on the wall and will admire them boring evenings. Such a sweet congratulation for the grandmother like everyone.

congratulation to my grandmother on his birthday in verse

Sincere words

Not all people can speak sincere speeches, butchildren are immediate, easily tell the truth, what they think, in the eyes, and sometimes not quite what the adults want to hear. Over the years, babies acquire feelings of tact and action, they know that one can say aloud and what not. But the first childish wishes sound better, like music for the soul.

Before a hike on visitors it is better to visit all the samethe child to the right thought. Explain to him that it is better to wish and how melodious the greeting for the grandmother will sound: "Dear grandmother, you are in our family - the regimental commander! We all respect you, love you and even be a little afraid. Each of us always listens to your opinion and advice. Your experience and wisdom are just necessary for us. But your delicious pies are more important! Of course, this is a joke. I wish you good health and simple female happiness! "

Such a congratulation for the grandmother will be relevant for a child of any age and sex. Tell him a little how to express his thoughts, and then he will say what he feels!

congratulations to my grandparents

Harmony in the family

Since childhood, teach the child to talk to relativesgood words. In each family there should be harmony, protect the kid from scandals and squabbles. Let him grow in good and love, then his character will be gentle, and the person himself - a balanced person. Never forget to prepare congratulations to your grandparents, children should respect old age. Build a handicraft with your child or create a quatrain dedicated to your parents. The future of the child depends on the situation in the house. He absorbs both the sponge behavior and the manner of communication of parents. He is your reflection!

Celebrate holidays cheerfully, do not skimp on warm words! Grandparents deserve respect, they raised their children worthy people and will help in the development of the personality of grandchildren.

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