How to wear shoes, if it is made of leather or leatherette?

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It happens that: they have measured shoes in the store - everything is fine. Put their houses to boast, but the leg is swollen and shoes are squeezed. As a result, new fashionable shoes took their place on the shelf.

How to wear shoes
Do not rush to grieve. In a few minutes you will learn how to wear shoes. A sudden problem will disappear, without even upsetting you.

There are a lot of common and effective ways that will definitely help to increase shoes and make it comfortable.

Ways for lazy people

Having bought a pair of shoes in the store, immediately buyhere foam for her stretching. Just in case. It is worth it inexpensively. And if you feel discomfort in the process of wearing, spray the foam inside the shoes and immediately feel great relief.

Do not ignore and the people's means. They are few, but they are effective. Let's see how to wear shoes using improvised means.

  1. It will take a tight package of polyethylene. Put it in the shoe, fill the bag with water and tie it. A shoe with all the contents should be put in the freezer for about six hours. Frozen water increases in volume and stretches the shoes. We get the package with ice, we take shoes and enjoy life.
  2. Need alcohol (cologne, vodka, vinegar with waterwill do, too). After moistening them with cotton wool, wipe the shoes from the inside, put on a cotton sock, then shoes and walk around the house a little. If necessary, repeat.

How to carry artificial shoes
Precautions should not be ignored.

  • Wipe the shoes only from the inside, so as not to spoil the appearance.
  • If stretched suede shoes, it is better to use beer, not alcohol.
  • You have to be careful, since after applying alcohol, the paint c of the shoe may be on your foot. This will not happen if the inside of the shoes is sprinkled with talc.

It is strongly recommended not to stretch shoes using wet newspapers. For a while, the shoes will stretch, but drying out will dry up even more.

Note that all the methods described above help to stretch the shoes only in width. There is practically no chance of stretching the shoes along the length.

And if in the back of the shoes is small, how to carry it?

Yes, very often the new footwear rubs the heel.

What can I advise here?

  • grease the backs of liquid soap;
  • to rub candles;
  • knead the back with a wooden hammer.

We have discussed above how to wear shoes from materials of natural origin. And what about artificial shoes? Can it be carried?

Shoes are small how to carry

The phrase "artificial leather" already speaks for itself. Of course, the properties of the substitute differ from the natural material. This must be taken into account when stretching it.

How to distribute artificial footwear in an acceptable and effective way?

One thing is good heating. To replace the skin with a good stretch, it must be heated with an electric stove or a powerful hair dryer.

Leatherette can overheat, so a damp cloth will help.

Wet cotton fabric, wrap it in shoes fromskin substitute and heat. Do this very carefully, so as not to burn yourself and not to burn shoes. Do not allow the rag to dry, as this may cause the surface of the material to melt.

How to wear shoes in this case?

Remove the rag from the heated shoes and, after wearing a thick toe, put on the shoes.

That's all. Try it.

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