How to present yourself in the competition: business card

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Is an event coming along? Of course, you need to be prepared for a variety of competitions and relay races. First of all, you need to prepare a special business card. How to present yourself at the contest in such a way as to be in the best possible light? You must mention all of your best qualities.

how to present yourself in the contest

It does not matter if it's a song, a prose, a poemor mini-scene. Simply indicate in the business card the most basic - name, age, nationality, zodiac sign, hobbies, etc. Complete this by listing your special merits. That's all! The business card is ready!

How to present yourself at the contest? First of all, look!

Thinking over how to present yourself at the contestin the best way, you need to take care of a lot. First, pay attention to your appearance. Well think over the outfit - outfit, hair, makeup, etc. should be modern and attractive. Much depends also on the subject of the event. Probably, it is necessary to select a suit in any certain colors and tones.

how to present a business card

Well, and, of course, do not forget thatbefore deciding how to present yourself at the contest, you need to get rid of all kinds of complexes. On the stage you can not feel squeezed and constrained. On the contrary, it is necessary to show a maximum of self-confidence and artistry.

It's good to make a photo story

If you do not know how to introduce yourself tocompetition so that you are admired by everyone present in the hall - think carefully about everything that you can and can. Someone dances beautifully, someone sings, and someone writes poetry. All this can be used in your business card.

how to introduce a family to a contest
However, the best option is to usephotoprojector. In this case, you can use a variety of pictures. They compose a story about the life of the contestant. You can start from his very birth, continuing the history of photographs with important moments of his life. The main thing is to pick up unusual and interesting pictures.

With a photo story you can have your own idea, inprinciple, and start. The history should, of course, contain the introduction, the main part and the logical conclusion. After that, you can go to the rhymes or vocal numbers. It's just an ideal ending.

Business card in verse - great

If you do not know how to present a business card tocompetition, but with this talent of rhyme - you will not have any problems at all! Take a few minutes to write a couple of lines, and your presentation will be the best masterpiece!

For example:

I'm athletic and strong,

Very charming!

I'm resourceful, clever!

Listen carefully!

After this poem, you can just run a photo presentation with a story about yourself.

Another option:

Bright, beautiful,

With a mischievous smile.

Your meeting with me

It will not be a mistake.

Having made friends with such a lady,

You will be like a comet!

I explode constantly,

Burning all by accident.

Energy - even more,

But life with me is just heaven!

And here's an option for the boy:

Strong and agile,

He drives a car.

Who am i?

A real man!

Well, for the smartest young omniscience:

I know everything in the lessons,

I answer the questions,

I understand everything in the world,

And I respect science!

a contest to introduce yourself in verse

Show all your positive qualities

But how to introduce a family to the competition? It's a whole team! Think carefully about all the positive qualities of each family member and show them on your business card. The main thing is not to forget about artistic abilities, to reveal your talents, to create a friendly atmosphere.

You can also indicate your desire to leada healthy lifestyle - without bad habits. On the contrary, show that you are a sporting family. Engage in your business card a variety of attributes. Go to the stage with a hoop, skipping rope, football or basketball. Success to you is unequivocally provided!

Choose an interesting image

Do not forget that you must necessarilywin the upcoming contest. Imagine yourself in verse or in prose is not so difficult. The most important thing is to show yourself as a unique, original, bright participant.

To do this, you can choose some unusual image. A beautiful girl, for example, can play the role of Snow White, a brave boy can portray Spider-Man or Superman, and a lover of frequent performances on stage can wear a Star costume. It is in this way that you can read poems, dance or sing songs.

how to present a class in a contest

A good idea is the guarantee of victory

By the way, from how to present a class oncompetition, family, team or individual, very much depends. A good card is a guarantee of future victory. Naturally, the participant's intelligence level, external data, special talents, worldview, etc., play a primary role. However, the first impression is a factor not less important. Careful preparation is all that the contestants need. Do not hurry, making a presentation, because its quality will affect the final result.

Some tricks

So, it does not matter how to present the dish at the contest, drawing, person, team. You just need to follow some rules.

The first step on the stage requires a certainimage. At the same time it must be observed throughout the event. Do not depart from it either at the time of presentation, or during other tasks that make up the overall program. Stick to the chosen image, and the audience will perceive you much better.

how to present a dish in the contest

Do not forget that the presentation for the competitionis not a simple summary. This is not an ordinary disclosure of one's merits, opportunities and achievements. A little humor, piquancy and originality will never prevent!

It is worth to think also about the fact thatfor the first appearance on the scene of one appearance is still not enough. Decide how you will behave in front of the audience, presenters, jury members. Carefully work out your speech, correctly, beautifully and clearly formulate every phrase. Do not limit your vocabulary. Do not get carried away with standard phrases. Think of something more interesting!

In a word, decide on the form of your business card- prosaic or poetic, consider the style of your greeting (it can be both comic and quite official). Nevertheless, do not forget that, despite the positive role of a sense of humor, you should not abuse jokes. If you do not tend to successfully amuse and make others laugh, you will not achieve the desired effect. However, you do not need to obsess about modesty either. Select at least one element that would be considered something that goes beyond the standard, familiar framework.

And, of course, do not forget that words, makeup and attire are very important, but your spiritual world, inner content is the most important thing in your business card!

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