It should be known to all mothers: what vaccinations do children do for a year?

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate a child? This issue is now relevant for young mothers. There are many supporters of vaccinations, as well as opponents of this preventive practice. And not always the newly-mum has someone to ask for advice in this matter. Let's talk about what vaccinations a child does for up to a year in Russia.

what vaccinations a child does for a year
At once it is necessary to specify: the number and choice of vaccines is always at the discretion of the mother. She can refuse from those vaccinations, which are laid in the schedule by the Ministry of Health for the period of the first year of life. What are the types of vaccination?

Everyone knows that vaccinations areintroduction into the human body of weakened viruses, dead bacteria or their proteins to develop immunity to the action of such microorganisms. As a result, a person gets resistance to the disease spread by this virus. Why then are there opponents of such a method of saving the nation's health? The fact is that such manipulation is far from as harmless as it seems at first glance. Each type of vaccination has side effects - fever, lethargy, and in severe cases - allergic reactions, right up to Quincke's edema. In addition, parents are afraid of improper storage of the vaccine, because as a preservative some species contain toxic substance thiomersal, harmful to the child.

inoculations to the child in 1 year
What is the schedule of vaccinations for children up to a year? In our country, in the first place, even in the hospital, vaccination against tuberculosis is carried out. The BCG vaccine is given to the child on the third day of life, and it's definitely not worth it to refuse from this vaccine. The fact is that this vaccine is not compulsory all over the world, but in Russia there is a very difficult situation with the incidence of tuberculosis, and a newborn child can easily be infected with this disease even on the street.

In addition to BCG, what vaccinations do children do for one year? Another "roddomovskoy" is the vaccination against hepatitis B. It is also carried out until the mother and baby are discharged from the walls of the maternity hospital, usually in the first 24 hours of the baby's life. According to doctors, this vaccine should be done first of all to those children, whose families have people suffering from this disease, as well as those who live in disadvantaged areas and disadvantaged social conditions. Repeatedly this vaccine is administered to children in a polyclinic at the age of one month, and then at 2 months. Sometimes hepatitis B revaccination is carried out in half a year.

schedule of vaccinations for children under one year
After reaching the baby three months oldThe pediatrician appoints the whole complex of vaccines at once. What vaccinations do children do for a year at this stage? Obligatory vaccinations against measles, rubella, pertussis, tetanus and diphtheria - at such a tender age, such diseases can significantly undermine the health of the child, and therefore doctors recommend to be reinsured. Then they are repeated at 4.5 and 6 months. Those children who fall into the risk group, that is, those born with oncohematological diseases, anatomical defects, underwent therapy, overwhelming immunity, and also born from HIV-infected mothers, must be vaccinated against hemophilic infection. At the moment, the Ministry of Health is considering a project to introduce this vaccine into the mandatory category, but so far it is not compulsory.

But vaccinations for a child in 1 year already fixedpreviously acquired immunity. At this age, they are re-vaccinated against measles, rubella, mumps, and also make the fourth vaccine against hepatitis B. Thus, knowing what vaccinations a child does for one year, mothers can adjust the calendar for their baby to the needs of each particular family, depending on from the living conditions.

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