Autumn Ball at School: Features of School Holidays

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The traditional autumn ball in the school was originallybelonged to seasonal matinees, which are organized for children, starting with the kindergarten. At first these holidays were arranged just to give the kids an opportunity to show happy parents what they learned: poems, songs, some simple dances.

Very similar to such a simple demonstrationabilities of an autumn ball in an elementary school, however, in this case such pleasant traditions as fine dancing evenings start to be put in pawn. It is extremely important when developing scenarios for such a holiday not to discourage children from participating in such events at all, and the teacher is given a great responsibility. It's no secret that the autumn ball in the school, like other solemn events, usually involves the most talented of the students. These are intelligent children who can be instructed to speak: recitation of poems, songs and other spectacular numbers. Nevertheless, a high degree of educational talent is the ability to distribute responsibilities on the holiday in such a way that all children are engaged in accordance with their talents. As you know, every child has its own talents, and the task of educators and teachers is their disclosure and development. It is with this in mind that a script is created for the autumn ball in the school, all pupils of the class take part in the preparation of the holiday.

It would be right to give children the opportunityexpress their thoughts about the autumn ball, sometimes they are able to unique ideas. Among the schoolchildren are revealed amazing poetic talents, someone creates beautiful compositions of autumn colors and fallen leaves. It would be nice to arrange an exhibition of artwork, a literary contest and other events: an autumn ball at school can become an amazing and even in its own scale action that causes a lot of positive emotions. As invited guests can act as parents of students, and representatives of the local administration and the press.

In the upper grades an important part of the ball becomesdance night. In addition to the solemn program and demonstration of talents, students should have the opportunity to have fun, and the disco becomes an excellent addition to the celebration. At the same time, it is possible to regard the autumn ball at school as a kind of rehearsal of the prom, except that with much more modest expenditure and a smaller scale. But there is an excellent opportunity to coincide with the autumn holidays training ballroom dancing, rehearsal graduation and congratulations to the teaching staff on the teacher's day.

It's nice if the pupils show genuineenthusiasm and are waiting for the autumn ball, as a wonderful opportunity to relax and have fun. Otherwise, this may indicate a lack of unity of the team. Not necessarily this is the fault of the class teacher, and the students, too, can hardly be considered guilty. The disunity and indicative denial of collective aspirations, unfortunately, are a sign of our times. However, even an extremely unfriendly class can find an approach. It is not necessary to represent the autumn ball as an important duty that students will have to perform in addition to their desire. Nothing but active opposition will bring pressure. If some students are unwilling to participate, it makes sense to offer an alternative with the most acceptable characteristics of a classical ball. For example, an autumn fair, a sports festival or an informative trip. If desired, any scenario can be supplemented with dance elements, because by and large the main feature of the autumn ball is ballroom dancing, and everything else is a cultural program for the sake of which the celebration is started.

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