Kinds of excipients for rodents: wood, cellulosic, corn

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Home rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs are popular pets. They do not take up much space, but, despite their compact size, they need care and care no less than larger pets.

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Importance of hygiene

One of the main problems of rodents -smell. Owners know that most of their charges choose a certain angle in the cage for the toilet. Therefore, in order to minimize the "fragrance", once a day, clean up wet sawdust and pour in fresh ones. This will help reduce odor and will allow for a spring cleaning every two weeks.

A major role in hygiene is played by the choice of fillerfor rodents. Ordinary scraps of the newspaper here will not work - because they do not absorb the smell, and the animal itself runs the risk of poisoning with printing ink. Therefore, as a litter for a small friend, it is better to purchase special fillers sold in pet stores. They better absorb the "fragrance" of animal life and are completely harmless to them.

Choice of filler

Manufacturers offer different types of fillerfor rodents. All of them are made of natural materials: wood (pellets or sawdust), corn fibers, as well as other plant components, for example, hay and sand. Some of the beds have an aromatic fragrance, due to which they skillfully disguise all unpleasant odors. However, owners of animals prone to allergic reactions, such products should be avoided.

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When choosing the filler, the following requirements should be considered:

  • The litter should be comfortable for the animal. For small rodents, granules will be uncomfortable, and large pets will scatter light filings.
  • Ability to absorb unpleasant odors. An important detail, especially if the house contains several rodents.
  • Security. Litter material should be only natural and, if possible, do not contain fragrances, so as not to cause allergies. He should not dust, as this can affect the respiratory tract of the animal and cause diseases.

Wood Filler

Wood filler for rodents is oneOf the most sought after among the owners of small pets. Small pellets made from compressed sawdust have good absorbent properties, absorb moisture and neutralize odor. The undoubted advantage of the goods is the possibility of its disposal into the sewerage system. It is economical in use and has antibacterial properties.

wood filler for rodents

However, small pets, for example, the Dzungarianhamsters, such a filler may not be suitable. For rodents of small breeds, who like to dig in the litter, granules can create certain inconveniences. Therefore, it is better for children to purchase wood chips.

One of the most popular brands of wood litter are "Clean Paws", produced by the Russian company "The Ark of SPb".

At manufacturing only naturalraw materials that are easy to dispose of without harm to the environment. In addition, such a litter has a natural smell, which is important for small animals.

The price of "clean paws" is quite democratic, which can not but please the buyer.


Sawdust - a universal bedding for the Dzungarianhamsters and other small rodents. For the filler use products of wood processing, so it is completely natural and safe for children's health.

clean paws

The ability to choose a large or small type of shavings, as well as a democratic price, are undoubtedly the pluses of this particular product.

The disadvantages are:

  1. Ease. Since the jungars adore digging, it is often necessary to remove the scattered filler.
  2. Litter does not have good absorbency and is not the leader in odor absorption.


This is an ideal option for allergic rodents,since it does not contain wood dust. This filler is less popular than wood, and finding it on the shelves of pet stores is much more difficult. Poorly retains the smell, light, so the animal will constantly throw it. But it is safe for kids, as it does not get tangled in the wool, does not get stuck in the cheek pockets and does not cause health problems for animals with an allergy to wood dust.


Corn filler for rodents in itsqualities is one of the best types of litter. It perfectly absorbs moisture and completely neutralizes the smell. Even in large species of hamsters, cleaning in a cage can be done much less often, since the "fragrance" appears much later than using a different type of filler.

corn filler for rodents

Fine sawdust makes it possible to use it forvery small: jungarikov, mice, etc. Lovers digging in the litter during the night can dig around themselves whole mountains of corn filler. For rodents, it is absolutely harmless, its parts can not be damaged by the feet, it does not cause allergies and does not get tangled in the animal's hair.

The disadvantage of such a litter can be considered, perhaps, only its price, which is much higher than for other types of filler, and it can only be purchased in large cities.


Choose the ideal litter for your pet -quite a difficult matter. An extensive range can confuse a beginner. Therefore, before buying it is worth to familiarize yourself with the types of hygienic filler, to determine which is ideal for the animal. You can also consult with rodent fans on specialized sites.

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It is important to understand that not only the health and well-being of the pet depends on the competently chosen litter, but also hygiene, and the smell in the apartment, especially if there are several pets.

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