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It is very important to keep the house clean. However, do not forget about one of the aspects of this purity. This means that you need to clean in all rooms, in every corner of your apartment. And it is very important to pay enough attention to the toilet, namely the toilet bowl, which you need to constantly clean so that it looks nice and dignified. But it is impossible to do this simply with a brush and water. To do this, you will need a high-quality cleaner for the toilet. And this article will help you find the best solution. You will find here a dozen options, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as feedback from users who have already used this or that tool. You can get acquainted with all the options and make the choice that is most suitable for you. Cleaner for the toilet from this list in any case will be incredibly high-quality and effective.


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In the first place is this cleaningmeans for the toilet, and there are many reasons for this. This composition by numerous experts was recognized as the most effective in the entire Russian market. A dense texture allows you to fight microbes with maximum efficiency, but in this also helps a comfortable thin nose. However, there is a small drawback, which is its cost, for which you will have to pay 250 rubles, and this is more than for any other means in this list. But in general, this is a very effective tool, which in the case takes first place in the ranking. User reviews report that this cleaning agent for the toilet allows you to constantly maintain the toilet in order, easily saving from rusty stains and other types of dirt.

"Dressing duckling"

toilet cleaner reviews

Composition of detergent for toilet of this modelslightly different from the previous one, because of what it is a bit less effective. However, it also has advantages, because of which you should pay attention to it. For example, there is also a convenient package with a thin nose and a cap with protection from children. In addition, it efficiently cleans and has a pleasant smell, which, combined with a price of only 180 rubles, gives an incredible result. Reviews of the cleaning agent for the toilet are also encouraging, because users note the high efficiency of the product, disinfection and elimination of unpleasant odors coming from the toilet.


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Many cleaning products for bathroom and toilethave a fairly liquid consistency, because of what they lose in efficiency. In the case of this tool, nothing of the kind will happen, because the texture of this remedy is very thick. Therefore, its effectiveness is very high. And while you definitely will appreciate the price, as for one package you have to pay 150 rubles. If you talk about the shortcomings, then you need to pay attention to the lower effectiveness in the fight against limescale. In addition, he has a rather pungent smell. Users in their reviews report that this tool works great for their money and can function even under water, so it was not in vain among the top three.


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This remedy was not enough forenter the top three. The reason for this was a very strong and far from the most pleasant smell. On the other indicators it is very impressive: both efficiency, and economy, and low cost (one package costs only 150 rubles). In addition, this means has the most thoughtful mechanism of the cap. So your children will never get to a potentially dangerous composition for them. People in the reviews say basically it is its economy, paying attention to the fact that this money is enough for a long time.


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And here is the budgetary means of the RussianProduction, which closes the top five. It costs only 60 rubles, so if you evaluate only the price, then SANOX will be on one of the first places. In addition, the composition of the product is safe and contains a minimum of chemistry, which achieves both high efficiency and a pleasant smell. However, he also has far from the most pleasant aspects, which lower the means to a lower position. For example, he generally does not have protection from children, since the container does not even have a spout, which also makes it difficult to apply. Also worth noting is its texture and a complete lack of density, which definitely can not be recorded in pluses. Users in reviews generally note its low price and relatively high efficiency for a similar cost.


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You thought that the previous tool ischeap? Then you should pay attention to this option, since it will cost you even cheaper, namely in 50 rubles. This is its main advantage. Also, do not forget about the rather high efficiency, especially in the fight against rust (on the package even there is a postscript "anti-rust", which hints at a similar effect). However, user reviews show that you will have to seriously try to achieve a result, that is, you will need to rub the dirt very much to eliminate them. Well, the problems of the previous means remain, namely the absence of a spout and proper protection from children. That's why the tool and not included in the top five.


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Cleaner for the toilet "Faberlic", reviewsabout which recently appear in the network more often, is an unexpected guest. It's no secret that this company is mainly engaged in the production of cosmetics, but she decided to expand the range, so in our rating got a means for cleaning the toilet. And it really impresses thanks to the convenient shape and the presence of a thin spout, as well as high efficiency. Users also note that the remedy has a very safe composition compared to other variants, a pleasant smell and a blocking cap protecting your children. But there are also shortcomings, the first of which is the price. Two hundred rubles for a half-liter package is too much for most users. In addition, many people report that the FABERLIC "Home" toilet cleanser will not help you fight old pollution, but if you use it for prevention and on a regular basis, you will achieve excellent results. Well, one more thing is the excessive density. You will have to diligently and diligently dilute the product on the toilet to cover the entire surface.


After such an expensive guest, it's timereturn to the budget. This option will cost you 80 rubles, but it should be noted some of the benefits that are described by buyers in the reviews. First, the composition of this tool is rather sparing in comparison with other budgetary options. Secondly, it has a fresh fragrance that persists for a long time after use. Thirdly, it has a whitening effect. And, of course, it is worth noting a special cap that provides protection from children, which is not a characteristic feature of budgetary funds. So why is it only in eighth place? The reason is not the highest efficiency. With limy coating, it does very poorly, and any other contamination will have to be strongly rubbed to achieve a good result.


Another budgetary means that will costyou only 60 rubles, has some shortcomings, which are indicated in their feedback by users. Firstly, the old rust does not lend itself to him. Secondly, it has no flavor and very much smells of "bleach". But at the same time he has advantages that allow the tool to be in the top ten. For example, it's versatility, since this tool can be used not only for the toilet, but also for other surfaces in the bathroom and toilet. A disinfection and bleaching add additional items to this tool.


Well, the last resort that closes the tenthe best, is cheaper than all the others, namely, 45 rubles. For this money, you will receive an effective remedy that cures plaque, dirt and even rust. At the same time, it does not smell of "bleach". The smell of this remedy is neutral and perfect for those who do not want to aromatize their toilet after every cleaning. But at the same time the product is very liquid, so it can not be called economical, which does not allow you to fully use the low price.

Naturally, this is not all cleanersfor the toilet: Lion LOOK, Harpic and many others are also available in the Russian market, but these are the top 10 tools at the moment, so if you choose one of them, you will not regret it.

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