Kennels of dogs, Ekaterinburg: where to find a friend?

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The decision to start a dog is rarely spontaneous. Usually the future owners are preparing for such a responsible step for a long time: carefully choose the breed, look for a suitable breeder, organize all necessary conditions at home. But it happens that the newly-made owners instead of a healthy dog ​​get a puppy with a bunch of problems. And all because the breeder does not provide all the information about the difficulties that may arise in the process of raising a doggie. That is why it is worth paying attention to such institutions as dog nurseries. Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Novgorod - in all the big cities there are places where anyone can get an excellent pet.

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What are nurseries?

It is worth starting with the fact that the nursery of dogs inYekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, as well as in any other city, can be conditionally divided into institutions for thoroughbred dogs and institutions for those whom the dog breeders jokingly call the courtyard. In the first case, private owners are the owners of all four. Usually the activity of such nurseries begins with the establishment of several thoroughbred dogs, the offspring of which are later sold with all the relevant documents. Such nurseries guarantee a good pedigree of puppies, their excellent health, physical and mental. Dog breeders really value their reputation.

Pedigree nurseries

Let us begin, perhaps, to consider specificnurseries of dogs. The city of Yekaterinburg is rich in breeders of thoroughbred animals. You can find any breed: from yorkshire to malamute. Conventionally, all nurseries where dogs are breeding can be divided into monobreed (that is, they can find representatives of only one breed) and multi-breed (where both can breed, for example, and taxes, and bolonok). It is believed that if the owner is not sprayed into several options, then the result will be better. But there is a huge number of nurseries, which prove that the main thing is the attitude of the breeder.

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Monobreed institution

Very popular monobreed dog nurseries. Ekaterinburg has such an institution. This is the "royal family". The nursery is breeding such serious guard dogs as the Caucasian Shepherds. According to the owners, everything began with their male - Tsaro. Now the breeders, in addition to him, appeared three bitches of different kinds of Caucasian sheepdog. This allows you to bring out puppies, in which all the best traits of their breed are revealed. Located nursery on the street reactive. Judging by the reviews on the Internet, his students are real intellectuals who endlessly delight their owners with strength, endurance and devotion.

Multibreed Cattery

And now we will look for the multi-breed nurseries of dogs. Ekaterinburg, for example, can boast of an institution called "From Panda's Charm". It is home to Pomeranian Spitz, Yorkshire, Chihuahua, King Charles Spaniel, Maltese and Sharpei. A multi-coat company, is not it? But all dogs regularly participate in exhibitions and competitions around the world, where they come back with awards!

"From the Panda Sharm" has existed for sixteen years. During this long time, charming dogs have found homes in a variety of cities, setting the stage for new families. Reviews of the kennel are extremely positive. Owners say that the breeders helped even in the operations to remove teeth from yorks (which is a rather problematic process). That is, you can safely say that by choosing this kennel, you will not be mistaken.

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But only whether thoroughbred pets can offernursery (Ekaterinburg)? Homeless dogs can also find their home! Usually such institutions are engaged in so-called overexposure. Specificity of nurseries for homeless animals is that there four-legged go after catching. Then they have very little time to find the owner.

Today in Yekaterinburg they promise to build a newshelter: the old can not cope with the load. The worst thing is that all dogs that are not taken to a new home for a certain period of time are put to sleep. Few think about the fact that the dog is no worse than a dog with a good pedigree. This dog will be more faithful and faithful than many pampered pets. She will always remember the good you did to her. You can take a pedigree pet in the orphanage of the Zoozaschita organization on the street of the Ural workers.

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How to choose the right nursery?

Today it is not difficult to find a dog nurseryIn Ekaterinburg. The addresses and phone numbers of breeders of all kinds are in open access. The main thing is to decide on the breed. For example, you want to get a pug. It is enough to choose this breed in the search systems of nurseries of Yekaterinburg, and you will be offered various options. Suppose, the nursery "Super Bison", located in Lunacharsky Street. The same can be done with another breed - the Argentine mastiff. It can be found in "De Puche" on Lenin, 13.

Dog nurseries in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region

I would like to recall: in no case can not take a pet without learning anything about his parents and the conditions in which the baby was kept. In addition, you need to take into account customer feedback. If there is not a single opinion, then this is clearly not a good sign. When the breeder can answer all the questions you are interested in, while the conditions of the puppy are good, and his parents are healthy, only then you can safely take a pet.


I would like to end by saying that it is not difficult at allfind dog nurseries. Ekaterinburg is no exception. The main thing is to know what kind of breed you need, and a suitable breeder will always be found. Become your pet the best owner. He will be your most loyal friend.

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