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Often, people's lives are brightened up by pets, the path to the heart of which lies through the stomach.

Cat food at home - a serious topic. On the diet depends on the health of the pet, respectively, and the peace of the master.

Feed ready meals

Feed the cat ready-made food, thoughcanned, at least dry, more convenient, easier. It is necessary to know that dry feeds are far from being the same, some of them are good feed, but there are also bad ones. To good cat food include Eukanuba, Hills, Eagle Pack, Iams, Nutro Choice. It is not recommended to buy a dry weight in the dry food markets. This is unreliable.

Feeding a cat with dry food requiresfeed and water are freely available. On the approximate rate of feed manufacturers say on the package, the food is measured with a measuring cup, the size of which is different for each manufacturer. Water is not considered milk or kefir.

Usually up to 9 months of age, or even up to a year,The cat is fed for kittens. Later, use the usual "adult" food. Switch to other feeding should be done gradually, within 1-2 weeks, while portions of the old food are reduced, and portions of adult feed are increased.

Sometimes the hosts try to feed the cat's makecombined. Canned and dry food can be combined only in one line of one manufacturer. It is considered necessary when using ready-made feeds or changing feeds to pass urine cat analysis once a year or six months.

Natural food for the cat.

With a natural type of feeding in the diet should be two dishes - fermented and meat.

Meat dish is quite simple. Lenten chilled beef, without veins and bones, cut into small pieces the size of a nail. Add to the meat half of a spoonful of olive oil, a little mashed boiled cauliflower, ordinary white cabbage, mashed boiled beets, spinach, lettuce, cut cabbage, or buckwheat or rice, in the ratio of 4 parts of meat to 1 part of the filler products. Add vitamins and mineral supplements here on the recommendation of a veterinarian and offer the cat.

At its discretion, cat food can bediversify with other types of meat, once a week you can give the cat a beef heart, cut with pieces, with all the additives. You can not feed a cat with a liver, as it contains many vitamins and as many parasites. It is undesirable to consider the main meat component of chicken. Fish can only be given occasionally.

It is acceptable to use as a food for a cata variety of sour-milk products. The basis is one-percent kefir, standing in the open on the table for 1 day, and in the refrigerator - 3 days. Sometimes you can give yogurt unsweetened and without fruit, as well as 10% sour cream, previously diluted with boiling water, as a treat - fermented.

There must always be grass within the reach of the animal. Wheat or oats can be grown at home in a box of the type of "green conveyor."

At a natural delivery the analysis of urine should be handed over once in four months.

Castrated cats

They require special care, another approach requires nutrition castrated cats. Cat after surgery to remove the testes is exposedincreased risk of getting urolithiasis, which is expressed in the formation of kidney stones. In animals, stones formed in the bladder are very difficult to remove. In castrated cats, the urethra is narrowed, so it is almost impossible to remove the stones.

From the ration of the animal, the fish is removed, since it contains special substances that promote the formation of the most common stones in cats and cats.

The development of urolithiasis neuteredCats are also promoted by the fact that they rarely urinate. Therefore, fresh water should be constantly present, especially when feeding the cat with dry food.

In the case when a castrated cat drinks a littlewater, it is necessary to change the diet completely, to transfer the animal to a natural diet with the use of offal, poultry, beef, vegetables and cereal, sour-milk products.

Consultations with a veterinarian are advisable.

British Cats

If you live British cats, the food of whichshould be varied, on meat for the pet it is not necessary to save. When offering a cat fish, you need to boil it and remove the bones, fish products should not be repeated more than once a month. In canned food or meat it is useful to add porridges, to introduce feed additives, in a day a cat needs to receive up to 60 kinds of nutrients. To maintain the tone of the cat you need to take care of a balanced healthy feeding.

It is necessary to remember the main rule that you can not mix ready-made food and natural foods.

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