Types of engraving on the watch

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Watches at all times were considered universalgift. Hundreds of manufacturers, thousands of models for both women and men, allow you to choose the most suitable option. However, everyone wants to make their present special, unique, unforgettable. If you make engraving on the watch, they will become a valuable reminder of an important date. For this purpose, the technique of drawing a drawing on metal products was invented.

Laser engraving with CO2

The technique of drawing symbols with laser engravers CO2 is quite common lately. With the help of the production of long-wave infrared radiation by split molecules of carbon dioxide, it is possible to put inscriptions, drawings and any other objects on the surface of the clock. Although, in principle, this method is perfect for decorating non-metallic materials. Engrave plastic, wood, glass, stone, leather and ceramics.

Some laser engravers CO2 The engraving on the watch made ofpure metal. To do this, the surface of the clock is pre-coated with a special coating - enameled brass or anodized aluminum. Burning inscription is thin and neat, not requiring additional processing and grinding.

Engraving on the watch text

Fiber laser engraving

This technique is significantly different fromtraditional laser engraving. The inscription is applied by means of optical fibers, creating a powerful and thin light beam. Laser equipment of this type uses half the power and lasts much longer than CO2-Installation. Also, the fiber laser is characterized by the miniature size of the laser wheel, and also by a more concentric thin beam. With it, you can even produce microscopic markings.

For masters working with fiber lasers,engraving of wristwatches is carried out more accurately, jeweler. Due to the fact that more powerful beams are used in this technique, it is possible to perform not only burning, but also evaporation, roasting and welding of the metal. You can even apply a drawing or an inscription on some types of ceramics and plastic.

Make engraving on the watch

Mechanical engraving

The most complex and therefore least commonThe type of engraving that is produced by the sharp sharpened milling cutter by cutting the material. The most popular variety is mechanical diamond engraving. The master when applying inscriptions on the surface of the watch uses a special diamond tip. At the same time engraving on the watch - texts, drawings, symbols - are really unique, unique.

The result of the work of a specialist in this particulartechnology depends on quality equipment and a good set of cutters. Even the most experienced and talented engraver will not do the job without the proper equipment. Mills come in different sizes:

  • Small - for applying small text;
  • Large - for engraving large items.

To perform this type of work is not used stencils, that is, each new inscription on the watch is unique.

Engraving a wristwatch


Sandblasting or abrasive treatmentcalled a method of marking, based on the damage of the processed material with sand or abrasive powder. The working material is pre-sprayed with a stream of air from the abrasive blasting machine. Once the abrasive powder is in contact with the surface being treated, the surface layer is destroyed and so-called matting is formed. The master creates various symbols and signs, manually adjusting the pressure, and also manipulating the dimensions (granularity) of the sand.

The most important element of sandblasting -this is a special stencil. It is pre-made from photoresist or vinyl. Engraving on the clock in this way without a stencil is impossible. To make the required layout with the given text, the master manually or on the plotter cuts it out on vinyl of different width. The process is not fast, but allows you to do many identical engravings in a row. The engraved text itself looks rather interesting. It's no wonder the master-engravers of sandblasting are becoming more and more.

Color engraving

Laser Sublimation

Engraving on the watch by laser sublimation is used for coloring the metal with the help of multi-colored images. For their application, you need:

  • special color printer;
  • sublimation cartridges;
  • sublimation paper;
  • freeze-dried metal or thermo-press.

First, the master prints out the customer's image-transfer, puts it on top of the product. Under the influence of high temperature, the paint will become gaseous and color the product.

To engrave the inscriptions on the clock in this way,they must be coated with a special coating. The process of applying is laborious and not expensive, but as a result, a full-color image is obtained. Master-engraver can create true color masterpieces on the surface of the watch. Such products are considered the most valuable, although they are quite expensive.

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