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Game activity, as is known, is the leading one in childhood. Years go by, kids grow up, turn into teenagers, young, and then mature people. The game is gradually disappearing from their life.

quizzes for the birthday
But why is it that even a gray-haired man comes to life,decided to "cut" with his grandson in tennis or chess? Why is a respectable housewife, between preparing pancakes trying to answer the questions of a television show, so happy about a successful answer? Yes, because man is created for joy! In fact, each of us wants life to be interesting, and sometimes - mysterious and entertaining.

And it is games that can bring in a serious,full of stressful life adult little childish immediacy. The best time for organizing games for adults (and children) is birthday. Are you preparing for the jubilee or do you want to modestly note the next date in a close circle? Try, except the herring under the fur coat and pouring another one spicy dish - a quiz (or quiz). Do you expect any guests to come to your birthday? Here they are and "feed" your "culinary masterpiece"!

The simplest quiz can consist of questions and answers to any topic close to you or guests. For example, "Kitchen".

  1. In translation, this word means "brackish", although it can also have a sweet taste. (Sauce.)
  2. In this country salads appeared for the first time, and its inhabitants spoke in the "language of doctors". (Ancient Rome.)
  3. Many people at this time there is insomnia, but it is impossible to pickle cucumbers and cabbage anyway - they will become soft. (Full moon.)
  4. What kind of pig was considered by the Greeks in ancient times as a delicacy? (A pig that died from overeating.)

Questions for the birthday quiz you canpick up yourself (time-consuming, but creative work) or take advantage of ready-made, published in different sources. Competition can be built and according to the principle of various intellectual games. For example, "Do you believe?"

quiz competitions for birthday

For such a quiz (for a birthday this is quitea suitable option) we need questions formulated in a special way. First, select any interesting or unusual facts, and then simply "design" the tasks in the sample below. Take for example the topic "Signs."

  1. Do you believe that a strong wind on New Year's Eve promises an excellent harvest of nuts? (Yes.)
  2. Do you believe that barking dogs on Baptism presages many game hunters? (Yes.)
  3. Do you believe that a leap year in consciousnesspeople somehow connected with drunkenness? (Yes, February 29, the birthday of Kasyan, who, according to legend, was drunk on the name day for three years in a row, he just calmed down on the fourth, therefore they celebrate this day every 4 years.)
  4. Do you believe that the Magpies holiday is associated with the arrival of forty? (No, this is the day of memory of 40 martyrs.)

Participants are given clean sheets of paper,which they should give answers "yes" or "no". And the task of the facilitator is to at the end comment on each answer, explaining its correctness or incorrectness.

comic birthday quiz
It is not a bad idea to prepare comic quizzes for a daybirth. Choose questions about the birthday: the cities in which he visited, lived or studied; his hobbies; favorite dishes, drinks, books and movies. Suggest to the guests options for answers, among which one option is correct, and one or two are funny.

  1. What was the first love of the birthday boy? (Tanya, Manya, Vanya, Vera Ivanovna).
  2. Where was the jubilee born? (In He, in Gorodnya, in Ogorodna, in cabbage.)
  3. Favorite book of the birthday boy (Othello, Boy-with-finger, White Fang, Call and Come.)

There are also time-honored jocular tasks for participants.

  1. It belongs to the birthday boy, but it is used more often by others. (The name of the person.)
  2. When the birthday is in a room without a head? (When he looked out the window.)

A more difficult option is to organize on a holidaya real game on the rules of television shows. Of course, such entertainment requires serious preparation, but the result will surpass your expectations. Games for the holiday can come up with a lot: "What? Where? When? "," 100 to one "," Field of Miracles "," Your Game "and others. At the heart of them all the same lies the same principle of entertaining questions and answers. But the triumph of even the simplest competitions - quizzes. For the birthday of your husband (wife), friend or child, prepare a dozen simple tasks - and your holiday will be a little brighter.

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