Laminate Tarket. Stacking

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Professionals have always stated the simplicity of working withlaminate flooring. That is why it enjoys wide popularity among the population of our country. This trademark has been on the international market for several years, however, in such a short time only a small number of complaints have been received.

Laminate Tarket. Preparation for laying

laminate flooring
When it comes to any construction work, it is impossible to perform it without a professional tool, including in this case. So, we need the following supporting materials:

  • Sound-absorbing substrate thickness 3mm.

  • Waterproofing film.

  • Electric jigsaw.

  • Pencil, square.

  • Spacing wedges.

Material preparation

Of course, in addition to working tools,also take care of the material itself. Acquired Tarket laminate should be kept for two days in a room where the temperature is above 18 degrees, and the humidity varies from 30 to 60 percent. Packaging material is recommended to place horizontally one tier.

Substrate preparation

laying of laminate flooring

  • Most often, the preparation of the base isdismantling the old coating, and get rid of it literally from everything: starting with the old linoleum and ending with the board. Before laying it is recommended to leave a concrete screed. All cracks should be sealed, and the protuberances removed.

  • After dismantling the old floor, the alignment of the foundation begins. Experts recommend using self-leveling solutions.

  • If laying the laminate on a wooden base, you should emphasize the diagnosis of its condition. Rotten boards are dismantled, weak material is strengthened or completely replaced.

  • To improve the overall stiffness of the future floorit is recommended to pre-lay plywood no more than 15mm thick. It is important to note that in this case, when walking or other mechanical impact, plywood should not bend, creak or deform. To avoid the subsequent appearance of mold, it is possible to treat the material with a special antifungal solution.

Tarnished laminate flooring

First of all, it is necessary to put specialwaterproofing film. Then comes a layer of noise insulation. Depending on your preference, you can choose a cardboard, cork or polymer version. If the manufacturer on the material boxes indicated that a layer of noise insulation has already been applied to the laminate, it is not necessary to place it further.

tarted laminate
Laminate Tarket fit exclusivelyfloating method, that is, without the use of additional fixation with the floor. The direction of the strips is recommended to be chosen along the longest wall in the room or from the window. Mounting each bar must be accompanied by a characteristic click. Between the canvas and the wall there should always be a gap of about 10mm, which is fixed by special expansion wedges. At the final stage they are removed, skirting boards are mounted, which are attached directly to the wall itself.

Laminate Tarket. Care

Cleaning of the floor must be carried out exclusively withusing a moderate amount of water. It is strictly forbidden to use cleaning agents with so-called abrasive particles. To avoid the appearance of divorces, experts recommend using special gels and pastes, which are sold in stores. Tarket laminate in this case for a long time to retain its brilliance and pristine quality.

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