How to choose electric jigsaw?

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Electric jigsaw designed for carrying outsawing materials such as gypsum board, plywood, metal sheets and many others. Also, this tool is used to cut holes in a variety of configurations. Often, many citizens have a question about which jigsaw is better suited for effective work.

electric jig saw
The electric jaws have the following operating principle:

• By means of the engine torquevertical movements of the saw are performed. That is, the work of this tool is the same as a manual hacksaw, only with a motorized function.

• The saw blade is driven by a roller, resulting in a precision cutting of the material.

Having a simple design and clear control, the electric jigsaw is a widely used tool in various industries.

which jigsaw is better
Currently, both household andprofessional electric jig saws. As a result, before you answer the question of how to choose the right jigsaw, you must first determine the amount of work in which it will be applied. In addition, the effective and durable service of this tool may depend on many other factors. For example, the power factor has a significant impact on the quality of its performance, especially when carrying out large amounts of work. Electric jig saws can have a power of 200-1000 watts. Preference is best given to a more powerful tool, as it will be more functional. In the event that the electric jaws have a lower value, the electric motor may overheat and then fail.

At another stage of the choice of such a tool is not badit would be worthwhile to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the frequency of the working stroke of the blade. Especially important is the presence of this setting when working with different materials.

If there is a pendulum mechanism,not only vertical, but also horizontal processing of materials. In this case, the accuracy and the sawing area increase. However, the use of this mechanism is recommended for the treatment of non-solid material, such as wood, plywood, foam, etc.

A quality electric jig saw must havemechanism of dust or the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. This function will protect the moving parts of the tool from various types of contamination, which will significantly affect the life of the tool.

Also one of the important factors is the method of fastening the saw blades. Universal holder will allow you to quickly change the part, as well as ensure the use of various cutting tools.

how to choose the right electric jigsaw
In order for the work to be convenient, it is bestchoose an electric jigsaw that is powered from the mains. However, in this case it is necessary to define a reasonable compromise, taking into account own wishes. The jigsaw that has a battery can allow you to work for a certain period of time without having an electrical outlet, but at the same time the weight of this tool increases.

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