Fixtures for the bathroom. Transformation of the interior

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Bathroom - a place quite often visited. There must be a lot of light in it, since it is usually done with a very small window, and it can go into the next room or corridor. The lighting of this room, like any other, should have three levels.

wall lamps for bathrooms

The upper level is the ceiling. If the room is small, then one lighting fixture will suffice. In a spacious room, you can arrange multi-position light sources, the direction of which can be adjusted. Equip them with halogen lamps. You can build fixtures in a false ceiling or leave them open. There are special two-level aluminum structures, on which there are two types of lamps. The upper ones give scattered light, and the lower ones give directional illumination. Is it necessary to emphasize once again that such lighting would be ideal?

bathroom fixtures

Lighting zones

To illuminate the area of ​​the washbasin and mirror,local light. Usually on the sides of the mirror are installed symmetrically two lighting devices, giving scattered light. It should not be reflected in the mirror. Then the zone will be well lit, but not very bright. To ensure that when the mirror is lit, the light was natural and did not distort the colors and facial features, you can hang the lamps on the movable brackets. In addition, bathroom furniture is now also available with lighting. But you do not have to go too far. Extra lights for the bathroom are not needed. Often for these purposes, select point devices that are used to create high-tech lighting.

Some directions of design

Fixtures for bathrooms and themselvessymbolize purity. They are equipped with a white or matt bubble, and the metal parts are made in chrome or nickel. Their light is not very bright and soft. The Russian firm Snowlight offers wall-ceiling lamps for the bathroom of rectangular shape, equipped with LED bulbs. The Italian company Odeon produces wall lighting with halogen lamps and crystal shades, as well as round wall-ceiling light sources with frosted white glass shades. Lamps used in them, or ordinary incandescent lamps, or energy-saving. Belgian company MASSIVE offers wall lamps for bathrooms, overhead lighting for mirror lighting.

bathroom fixtures


Lighting the bathroom itself can be carried out withusing lighting fixtures with colored shades. They are performed in different styles. It can be a classic in the form of forged designs, wall candlesticks. Fixtures for the bathroom in the Japanese style look like different geometric shapes. The Art Nouveau style requires the use of transparent glass for registration. In addition, modern designers offer a variety of exclusive lamps, in the design of which can be used natural seashells and artificial corals. The high-tech style requires chrome-plated metal parts or plastics in metallic colors. Beautiful lamps for the bathroom will transform the interior, give it a directed stylish character, create the right mood.

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