Interior styles: Mediterranean style in home decoration

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How beautiful is the house, filled with light and warmth, inwhich there is not even a hint of pretentiousness and pomposity ... Such an effect can only create a Mediterranean style in the interior, the photo of which amazes with its refinement, freshness and incredible energy.

interior styles Mediterranean style

Interior styles: Mediterranean style - origin

The roots of this type of interior decoration growFrom the Tuscan style, which appeared in Spain in the last century. At this time, there was a mass migration of rural residents to cities and the growth of the latter. As a result of this, urban migrants brought in the rural houses the features of the urban interior. This was the basis of the Mediterranean style, which is a bit like country.

What is peculiar to style?

First of all, this is all that is connected with the sea,sun, wind and complete freedom. It can be called almost the most attractive and easy style among all the variety of interior design. He absorbed the riot of flowers, fabrics and objects, which seem to be a continuation of the fantasies of his owner - as uncontrollable, funny and unpredictable. But at the same time there is a certain severity and adherence to traditions.

Mediterranean style in the interior photo

Interior design in the Mediterranean style

The decoration of rooms in the traditions of the Mediterranean is notsuffers pretentiousness and ostentatious luxury. This decor perfectly combines marble and ceramics, wrought-iron furniture and natural wood. The overall atmosphere is complemented by a lot of green plants and a white and blue cage in the decor. In general, interior design in the Mediterranean style can be done independently. You need only a little taste and a lot of imagination.

Interior styles: Mediterranean style - mixing of two beginnings

It is believed that it was based on two directionsin the decoration. This is an Italian and Greek interior. The first is characterized by all the warm shades and richness of textures. They perfectly help to keep warm in the cold winter days. In the design of walls you can use matt textured surfaces that mimic hand painting or modeling. If we talk about the decoration of rooms in the Italian style of the subject, then the ideal will be a combination of frescoes, modeling, hand-painted and decorative plaster. This will help make the interior more spacious and interesting.

Greek style start

interior design in the Mediterranean style

Room decoration in the Greek directioninvolves painting the walls in a purely white color, against which the wooden panels, aged in a certain way, look as if they have passed more than one storm. It is possible to use brick and stone in finishing, but only in small quantities, so as not to make the interior worse.

Interior styles: Mediterranean style - features

Since the beginning of the creation of this directioninterior decoration, that carpets are not used here - this creates a sense of the integrity of the space. Ideally fit in the decor mat is made of natural material, which will help to get closer to nature. Textiles in design are also practically not used. There will be inappropriate curtains and tulle on the windows. They are more suitable for classics or modern.

Let's sum up the results

Making out the house, we try to make it as possiblecozier and warmer, and therefore consider many styles of interior. Mediterranean style is perfect for decorating a country house - it is close to nature. It is he who will give you peace and tranquility.

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