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The doors to the bathroom and toilet are different in characteristics from standard interior doors. What is their dissimilarity?

doors to the bathroom and toilet
The main requirements for doors in theserooms - moisture resistance. This design is constantly exposed to aggressive effects of water and steam, so it is natural that the usual coating will very soon become unusable. In addition, the bathroom is always warmer than in the rest of the apartment, so the door to the bathroom and the toilet, made of natural wood, may deform with time. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to moisture-resistant models.

Buying doors for bathroom and toilet, it is necessaryDetermine what material they should be made of. Usually it is wood, chipboard, MDF and plastic. Door constructions can differ not only in material, but also in color, form from other doors in the house. The view that all of them should be executed in the same style is erroneous.

If your bathroom is too small, then the door will always be wet, which will lead to its quick failure. In this situation, you will need a plastic construction.

door to the bathroom and toilet

But if you want to install in the bathroomdoor made of natural wood, it is necessary that it be covered with an additional layer of varnish. It is quite natural that doors treated with special antiseptics and additional layers of varnish will cost much more than usual. By the way, today many manufacturers offer samples from rare species of wood that do not succumb to rotting.

If you decide that you are coming to the bathroom andtoilet made of natural wood, then you should take care of a reliable ventilation system. Well, if in these rooms an additional fan will be installed, and between the door and the floor there will be a gap of 1-2 cm.

It is not necessary to choose absolutely blind doors to the bathroom and toilet. Perfect fit model with an insert of frosted glass, which can successfully fit into the interior of the apartment.

Usually for installation in the bathroom and toiletuse swinging doors, but in recent years have become very popular sliding models. They are especially suitable for small apartments with a small hallway.

door to the toilet
Many people are happy to purchase doors inBathroom or toilet, made of plastic. Today this material can be painted in any colors. Such designs will last you much longer than wooden ones, without losing their attractiveness.

The doors to the bathroom and toilet have the same fittings,as well as ordinary interior. Hinges, handles, locks and latches are made of different materials, but they all perfectly resist moisture. Their installation is better entrusted to specialists.

The door to the toilet and bathroom must matchthe dimensions of the doorway. When installing, it is not always possible to narrow or expand the opening. Therefore, before buying a door, an additional consultation with a specialist installer will not be superfluous.

The cost of doors for the bathroom depends on the material used, the quality of the fittings, but remember that quality goods are not cheap.

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