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If you look into any royal chambers -suppose that in the bedchamber of this or that French king you will get to get there without problems - you can notice that most of the room is occupied by a bed. True, it is possible to call an ordinary bed a royal bed with great difficulty. After all, the king's beds were significantly different - and different - from the beds of "ordinary mortals."

Let's talk about royal beds

The first thing that has always featured royal beds -that size. They were made really huge - from two meters in width. Either because most of the crowned persons were of a large physique, or from limiting themselves to something in a bad tone, but on the king's bed one could place almost the entire royal family. They hung accordingly - for example, the bed on which Queen Victoria was sleeping in the castle Penrin, weighed almost a ton! With all this, the beds themselves were low - they rose above the floor no more than half a meter. Now this type of buy a good bed you can here.

The second is the bars and canopy.Even now some people order a canopy over their beds. Needless to say, that the people of the tsarist bloods were sure to weigh their beds with heavy velvet, brocade and silks? Care of such dust collectors was required considerable (no wonder that the royal bedchambers were cleaned especially carefully and for a long time), but what a chic look on the couch!

Another hallmark of royal beds- an abundance of precious metals and stones in their construction. And again this only indicates the special spoiledness of kings, crown princes and dukes. The beds were richly decorated with jewels, instructed by stones, and the cost of each such bed is incredibly large. No wonder that it was the beds, first of all, looters robbed in robberies on the royal bedchamber - the rubies pulled out from the head were enough to buy their own house.

True, even royal beds had their ownlimitations. And, strangely enough, they were all related precisely to their size and massiveness. After all, to deliver such a splendor, weighing several times more than a regular bed, in the bedchamber of the king, it was pretty sweaty. Often carpenters finished work on creating their masterpiece already in the palace - of course, not directly in the bedroom of the king or princes, but nearby. The same applies to jewelers: those, as a rule, spent most of their time at the palace. By the way, at present the royal people treat the bedrooms very carefully, and often order beds from only one chosen company. But now choose more modern models of beds - those that do not require gold or diamonds. If you need good mattresses, you can see here.

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