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As the long-standing construction experience shows,The renovation of the apartment begins with a process like finishing the bathroom and toilet. If you have plans to carry out such work, pay attention to the use of PVC-type material. In this article, we'll look at how the toilet is finished with plastic panels. The main advantage of them is that they allow you to disassemble part of the wall, if necessary.

bathroom and toilet finishing

Starting the repair, you need to think firstroom design. And although it is relatively small, it should always look dignified. In order to avoid making mistakes, you should think in advance about the location of the shelves, the color of the trim and so on. It is recommended to give preference to plastic panels, the thickness of which is not less than 8 mm, otherwise there may be cracks in the future.

When performing such repair process as finishing the toilet, we will need:

1. panels of plastic type, the number of which is calculated by adding to the general perimeter of the room 10-15%;
2.The starting strip, the amount of which depends on the perimeter of the ceiling. This material is also needed to bypass the inspection window, doors and a sewer well that passes through all floors. It should be remembered that the water supply system must be open or easily accessible;
3. metal profile of UD and CD;
4. Press washers 3,9х16;
5. dowels-nails of the type "fast installation" 6x40;
6. white silicone adhesive;
6. plates for connecting the profile to the walls;
7. the punch;
8. Bulgarian;
9. Cutter;
10. level;
11. The hammer.

toilette finish with plastic panels

So, how does the toilet finishplastic panels? To begin with, you need to build a frame from the metal profile for fastening. It is recommended to start from the top. With the help of the water level, the line of the future ceiling is repulsed: approximately 10 cm will be enough. On the perimeter of this line, the UD profile is fastened with dowels-nails, to which the CD-type profile is then joined by press washers. The bands of the CD profile are fixed on the technology at a distance of about seventy centimeters. Subsequently, directly to it and will be attached to the plastic panel.

The finishing of the toilet itself starts with a set of panels. The starting strip is attached to the UD profile using a press washer, into which plastic will be inserted.

toilet decoration
It should be borne in mind that such panels are quitebrittle material. Just like the ceiling, the walls of the toilet room are tiled. With observance of all levels, a metal frame is recruited. It is recommended to use the same partition profile to increase the stiffness between the vertical strips of this profile. With the help of the bulgaria grooves are selected. Similarly, the set starts with the cut side, and the inner corner is used to join the corners.

In order to bypass the sewage system, the joint of the panelsis produced by the outer corner. With the help of dowels-nails, the lower skirting board is targeted, and the upper one is put on a silicone glue of white color. Also they need to miss all the seams. This is done to prevent moisture from entering.

As can be seen from this article, the question of how to finish the toilet with their own hands, it is completely solved. You just need to want this and make some effort, following the rules.

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