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Faced with the problem of choosing a crib forcrumbs, many are experiencing difficulties. After all, a sleeping place for a child should be comfortable, safe and, of course, attractive. All these three principles are taken into account as much as possible by modern manufacturers, who are fighting for their customers precisely with novelties of design (see the beds for girls - photos).

beds for girls
Modern beds attract everyone's attention bright, in the style of children's dreams, design, modern technology.

Beds for girls today surprise theirbeauty and practicality. It's not just furniture, but a whole children's corner and even a small town where a child can play with your favorite toys with pleasure. The bed-lock will amaze the imagination of your little princess, and the bed-coach will lull her at one moment even without Mother's tale read for the night. The beds not only resemble a fairy tale, they develop the child's fantasy and creativity. Having woken up, the girl can not quickly part with her magic bed, she wants to stay in the world of dreams and children's pleasures. After all, almost half of the baby's childhood passes exactly in the children's room. Therefore, parents need to do everything possible to make your childhood memorable in bright colors, in fairy-tale images and pink clouds.

Bunk beds for children

When choosing beds for girls,

beds for girls photos
note which materialsmade furniture products, whether all fastenings are reliable. If you have two or more children, then you can save the child's space by choosing two-story beds. What are their advantages? First, they take up half the space of the usual two beds. Secondly, thanks to a modern design solution, your children's room will look charming. Thirdly, children like these bunk beds madly like.

Preferring bunk beds, youshould carefully check the entire structure and maximize the safety of children's stay on them, especially on the "second floor". Beds for girls can be equipped with lamps-floor lamps on each tier and a small shelf for accessories, which is very convenient for adolescents. These are not just sleeping places, but small rooms where children will be interested in spending time even during the day reading the favorite fairy tale or playing role-playing games.

Beds for children of adolescence

Beds for teens - this is a special world,connected already with adult life. This is a category of emerging personalities who are more eager to become adults, but they still have, as they say, "childhood in the head." Depending on the preferences of the daughter, you can choose a bed for a teenage girl in the style of interest.

bed for a teenage girl
If a girl is carried away by fairy tales about a little mermaid,prince and princess, then, of course, a bed in the style of a little fairy will suit her just in time. It is a colorful crib in pink and white tones with a weightless canopy, with a small locker and a bedside table with a mirror and other girlish accessories for beauty.

If your daughter is energetic and mysterious, braveand likes to play with the boys, the best option for her will be a ferrari bed. This is a children's furniture in the form of a real car, where lights are turned on and soft music plays (the player is installed). This cot will become a real find for a teenager, and parents will see a big gratitude and love of their daughter. Choosing beds for girls, not only take care of the furniture and the general interior of the nursery, but also take into account the wishes of the child, be sure to consult with him.

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