Intex pump: overview of the line

Home cosiness

Inflatable products of Intex companyleading positions in this segment of trade. They are very popular with consumers due to their high quality and reasonable price. But for comfortable and high-quality operation of mattresses, pools, beds, an Intex pump is needed. If it is not bundled with the product, you should think about its purchase, as it will greatly simplify the use of the company's inflatable products.

intex pump

Hand pumps

The simplest and cheapest option.Any Intex pump of this type is great for traveling and traveling. They are small in size and light in weight. The range of hand pumps includes several models. There are very compact, which easily fit even in a beach bag. But they have one significant drawback - it's a small amount of air, which they chase in one step. They can be used to inflate small items. For example, balls, children's toys, swimming circles. Models of medium power can be used to inflate both the above products, and small-sized pools or children's boats. They are usually supplied with several nozzles suitable for different company products. And the latter are pumps with increased power. With the help of them you can pump any product.

intex pump for pool

Foot Pumps

Models of this type, as well as earlierConsidered, require the application of the application of physical effort. But such loads for many can be much easier, since for inflation of a mattress, pool or other product, it is necessary to perform only pushing movements with one foot. You can use such an Intex pump for a large pool.

Electric Pumps

  • Automotive. The electric Intex pump of this type worksfrom the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle. He is able to drive up to 600 liters of air per minute of his work. That is, its capacity is sufficient for pumping small, medium and large products.
  • Network. The pump of this type operates from a regular networkpower supplies with a voltage of 220 V. Standard models are capable of pumping every minute of 600 liters of air. This productivity allows you to inflate products of all types (from the smallest to the largest). Also this kind of pumps is equipped with three kinds of nozzles. For those who require a very fast inflating of inflatable products, there is an Intex pump with increased power. He is able to overtake 1100 liters of air in one minute.
  • electric pump intex
    Universal. The Intex pump of this type is capable of operating asfrom the power supply network with a voltage of 220 V, and from the car cigarette lighter. A very convenient device that can be used both at home and on a trip.

Accumulator pump Intex

This model has two wires to connect topower sources: plug for standard 220 V network and plug for car cigarette lighter. But also this pump has a built-in battery, which allows you to use the product where there is no electricity. It is able to surpass 600 liters of air per minute of operation.

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